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Difference Between the Philips Hue Lightstrips


With the new releases from Philips Hue adding two new light strips to their product range, we take a look at the key differences between them and which are best for certain uses.

The different Philips Hie Light strips available include: 

  • Play Gradient Lightstrip
  • Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip
  • Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus
  • Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lightstrip

The Differences – Philips Hue Lightstrips

The below table shows the 4 light strips available for Hue and their specs and differences. All these lights are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Play Gradient LightstripAmbiance Gradient LightstripHue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip PlusHue Smart Outdoor Lightstrip
Color Temperature2000K-6500K2500K-9000K2000-6500 K2000-6500 K
Bulb Lifespan15,000 Hrs36,000 Hrs25,000 Hrs25,000 Hrs
Can be dimmed?
Multiple Colors at same time?
Length55", 65", 75"2m/6ft2m/6ft2m/6ft
Can be cut?
Can be extended?
Weather proof?
Warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years
View it here.View it here.View it here.View it here.

The gradient light feature is new and what sets it apart from the regular light strip is its ability to emit multiple colors at once, this allows you to create a rainbow effect or fade between multiple colors.

Below we look at each ion the ligtbhstrips in more details and how they can be used.

Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip

This light strip is designed specifically for behind your TV and to work with the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box allowing you to sync your lights with the on screen action and display, making it ideal for gaming and movies.

There are also three models for TVs with 55, 65 or 75 inches, which differ in length from 216 to 304 centimetres, this is designed to cover 3 sides, the left, right and top of your TV, they come with mounting fixes to attached to the back of your screen.

  • 55-inch (fits TV sizes 55 to 60 inches)
  • 65-inch (fits TV sizes 65 to 70 inches)
  • 75-inch (fits TV sizes 75 to 85 inches)

For smaller screens, you can use the smallest strip and wrap it under, and for larger screens that 75-85 inches, you can move the strip into the center more to cover the screen edge.

Ideal for: Indoor use only. For use with your TV and Hue Sync box. 

View it here.

Philips Hue Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip

This is an improved indoor hue light strip, just like the normal Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus however it has benefits such as being able to show different colors across the strip. 

Compared to the Hue play gradient lightstrip, this one is actually brighter, at 1,800 compared to 1,100. If you are looking for a lightstrip that won’t be used behind your TV then this is a great choice, with the brightness and multiple color options it is perfect. 1m extension lengths can be added to make the overall light strip longer, up to 10 meters in totol. The light strip is flexible and has a sticky strip to the back so you can attached as needed.

The Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance can be a single color or show multiple colors and gradients.

The main difference is The Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance is design for other uses than just on the TV, it can be extended and cut making it ideal for kitchen lighting and mood lighting. The Hue Play light strip comes in a set length and is designed for use behind a TV, coming with connectors and brackets to hold in place. 

This one is thinner and more flexible making it better for more uses.

Ideal for: Indoor use only. Kitchen use, under furniture, around your desk.

View it here.

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus

This is the entry level hue light strip and comes in a 1 meter length, it can be attached to different surfaces and run under kitchen units, it will only show one color at a time unlike the gradient light strip that can emit different colors at the same time.

This strip can be cut and shorted as well as extended with additional light strips. There is an improved version of this model that included Bluetooth too, this allows you to use it without the need for a Hue bridge. 

This model can also be extended using a 1m extension kit, do make sure you buy the right extension for your lightstrip, if you have the Bluetooth lightstrip then you must buy and use a Bluetooth extension. 

Ideal for: Indoor use only. Kitchen use, under furniture, around your desk.

Check it out here.

Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lightstrip

As in the name, this light strip is designed specifically for outdoor use. It is IP44 making it perfect for use in all weather conditions. It comes in a 2 meter length and is WET/IP67 rated, which means it is fully weatherproof and can withstand all weather condtions. The smart lighstrip can withstand small puddles of water or jets of water, so no worries when rain is forecasted.Due to the inclosed case and weather protection it cannot be cut or extended.

The Outdoor Lighstrip comes equipped with a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours and 2 year warranty protection.

Ideal for: Outdoor use, along pathways, around patios, decking or flower beds. 

Check it out here.

Depending on your use for the lightstrip these 4 options give you a good choice to use one that is most suitable. If you are looking for some thing for your TV or perhaps behind your computer for gaming then the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip is ideal.

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