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How to Flash Your Lights When Someone Rings Your Doorbell


Ring is a wireless doorbell with built in camera that lets you see the person at the door, allowing you to speak to them even if you are not in. Ring is a smart doorbell like Hue is a smart bulb.

As they are both clever smart devices they can also be hooked up to work with each other, allowing you to use your hue lights to act as a light for the deaf so you know someone is at the door, or just as an extra alert in case you don’t hear the doorbell chime.

Have your Doorbell Turn on your Hue Lights

There are Step By Step Instructions on How To Flash Your Lights When Someone Rings Your ‘Ring’ Doorbell using IFTTT and Hue Bulbs.

First Step: Downloading the IFTTT App

  • For those of you with an iPhone OS device, proceed to the App Store. And if you have an Android Device, proceed to Google Play
  • Look for IFTTT which stands for “If this, then that”.
  • When you have located the IFTTT application, download it and allow the app to be installed.
  • After installing the app, proceed to set it up, creating a new user account in order to get started.

Second Step: Creating a New Applet

  • Click on“My Applets” located at the bottom right hand corner in the IFTTT app for opening up your Applet Dashboard.
  • Creating a new Applet, click on the addition symbol located at the top right hand corner.

After you have created your new Applet, the system will save it in the “My Applets.” This area allows you to alter data, eliminate unimportant information, as well as turning off your Applet.

Third Step: Selecting Your Trigger

Next, you will be prompted to nominate a trigger for your personal Applet. For those unfamiliar with triggers, it helps to activate your Applet and begin working on another event. Therefore, the trigger is a ring notifier.

  • Click on the addition symbol, that is located the “this” for getting started.
  • Then you want to look for and choose “ring”.
  • Click on “New Ring Detected” this will activate your lights to turn on when somebody pushes the Ring Video Doorbell.
  • By choosing “New Motion Detected” it will turn them on whenever your Ring device has detected motion within close proximity of it.

Additional Information: If you would like to set up an Applet to handle either circumstance, you are going to need to repeat the process, creating two Applets.

Fourth Step: Signing Into Your Personal Ring Account

The next step you’ll need to take is signing into your personal Ring Account in order to have it linked to the IFTTT app.

  • Located in your IFTTT app, click on “Connect” where you’ll be redirected to Ring Account sign in page.
  • Signing into the Ring Account, you are then sent to your IFTTT app.
  • Next you need to choose a name for the Ring device in which you wish to trigger the Applet.

Fifth Step: Choosing An Action

Now you need to decide what lights are turned on when the Ring is activated.

  • Click on the addition symbol that is located beside “That.”
  • On the very next screen, you will look for your own lights.
  • Next put in your lights brand name.There are images provided which accompany this informative article, we use Philips Hue as an example, however, you can utilize any smart light bulb which is compatible with your IFTTT app.
  • Selecting your choice of action. The available actions may vary depending on the type of lights which you use. However, with Hue lighting you will have the ability to do more, like having your lights come on, change different colors, blink off and on, as well as numerous others.

Remember that you have the ability to also create personal Applets for smart plugs. The Ring device can be linked to your lamps which are connected to a WeMo,WIFIPLUG smart plug or D-Link, triggering your lamps to come on automatically.

Sixth Step: Signing Into Your Account For Activating Lights

The last step in which you’ll take is connecting your IFTTT app and Ring device, that’s accessed by signing into the personal account which you set up for managing your lights.

  • Proceed to the IFTTT application, click on “Connect” then you will be redirected to the account page of your smart device.
  • You’ll have to sign into the account which is set up with your smart phone device. Where you will be sent to the IFTTT app.
  • Next, you need to come up with a name for your lights which you’ll want to be activated when you get notified by Ring.
  • Click on “Finish.”

By following these simple step by step instructions on How to Blink Your Lights When Someone Rings Your Doorbell, you should be good to go! When all is said and done, your lights will be activated to turn on every-time an alert is received by Ring.

It is easy to see why so many homeowners are using “Ring” with their IFTTT apps to make it safe and secure. This procedure is considered to be more effective than those costly home security systems. No longer will you have to feel insecure about what’s happening outside of your property. It’s an all over win, win situation.

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  1. Julie Price


    How to Flash Your Lights When Someone Rings Your Doorbell – read the article not sure of what to buy to make this all work?

    • Gardner Phillip DeVore

      Nobody anywhere bothers to tell you that it takes about a minute for the services to interact with one another.

      I ring my Ring and 55 seconds later my Hue bulbs will flash. Completely useless for my deaf father.

  2. Joey

    Ditto here, I bought the philips hue just so that I could turn on the lights when the doorbell is rung. I ended up using a different smart phone app to give me the flashing notifications

  3. Charlotte Hinger

    Unfortunately Ring no longer supports IFTTT. They discontinued the affiliation December 2020. I called the company about it and they said it’s a security issue. I would love to have the flashing lights when my I remove my hearing aids at night.

  4. Mr Scott Campbell

    Hi, I have Hue lights come with Bridge, and have Ring doorbell, after I change new WIFI Router, and won’t let me setting when someone doorbell and the lights on and off flashing, ist was working from my old router .. any idea?


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