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How to Transfer or Upgrade to a New Philips Hue Bridge

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You maybe running the first gen Hue Bridge, and have reached the time to upgrade, or you wish to transfer your settings to a new bridge. There are no ways to back up your settings but transferring your settings from one bridge to another is simple and straight forward.

If you are not sure which bridge you have then you can tell from the image below.

Hue bridge generations

How to transfer lights and settings to the new Bridge

Transferring from a 1st gen Hue bridge to a new 2nd Gen bridge is simple to do:

  • Ensure your old/current Bridge is connected to your network
  • Set up your new Bridge and connect it to the same network
  • Open the Hue app
  • Go to Settings > Hue bridges
  • Tap the information icon next to your Bridge
  • Tap Transfer settings > Prepare Transfer
  • Press the button on your old Bridge
  • Press the button on your new Bridge
  • Tap Start transfer
  • The transfer can take a few minutes, once complete test your lights by tapping blink to ensure they still all work

Once complete you can then disconnect your old Hue bridge. If you wish to sell this then you can reset it to manufacturer settings by pressing the pinhole at its back for at least three seconds. These will delete all settings and connected bulbs.

Backing up your Bridge ~Settings

Unfortunately there is no way to back up your settings, or save them externally from your Hue bridge, at the moment the best that can be done it transferring them to a new bridge.

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