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Hue Kitchen Lightstrip Installation


Using a run of light strips above and below wall hung kitchen cabinets is a great way to add mood lighting to a kitchen and is a popular choice with Hue users and great way to use the light strips.

Kitchen Lightstrip with Diffuser

This user has two separate light strips that have been extended, one installed along the top of the kitchen cabinets and one underneath, the top acts as mood lighting while the one below can be used as task lighting too.

Installed down one side of the kitchen you can see the light effect it creates.

Kitchen Lightstrip Effect Installation

The light strip installed under the cabinets is installed in a metal diffuser strip which helps to protect the lightstrip from stream and water, as well as helping to diffuse the light. The metal ligtstrip case is screwed to the underside of the units with a frosted plastic strip that holds and hides the ligthstrip in place giving a seamless and clean look.

LEDdrop Aluminum Channel System with White Diffuser Covers, End Caps, and Variety Pack of Mounting Clips, for LED Flex/Hard Strip Light Installations, Pack of 5x 1m Segments, U-Shaped, U-12

    3 lengths of diffuser casing was used and cut to length for the final section to allow a good fit.

    Lightstrip diffuser

    The photo below is a closer image of the diffuser used, when off the LED strip cannot be seen.

    Lightstrip Diffuser

    With the lights on you can see the full effect in the evening when it is dark.

    Kitchen Hue set up

    This Philips Hue light strip kitchen installation uses two power controllers which are plugged into the mains where one cupboard as a plug socket used for the builtin extractor. The cable is then run down the side of the cupboard to the top and bottom light strip.

    Watch the video below to see the lower ligthstrip cycle through different colors.

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