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Innr Vs Hue – Review & Differences


Philips Hue is leading the way in the smart lighting industry, but that doesn’t always mean they are the best and certainly not the cheapest. With a range of other smart bulbs on the market Innr are another popular choice in the UK that come in at a lower price point, but how do the compare?

Innr Vs Hue

The table below gives a guide to key features and differences between the two smart bulbs.

Philips Hue Innr Bulb
Philips HueInnr
Editors Choice
Available in Color?
ConnectivityWi-Fi, ZigBeeWi-Fi, ZigBee
Max Output800 lumens806 lumen
Requires Hub?
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Apple HomeKit-

Price wise:

2 x White only B22 Bulbs – Innr: £19.99 | Hue: £24.99|
GU10 bulbs – Innr: £39.99 for 4 | Hue: £27.49 for 2

Innr Smart Bulbs

Innr bulbs look similar to many other smart bulbs, they also work in a similar way. They are wirelessly dimmable, are coloured bulbs, work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

One downside is that they do not work with Apple HomeKit unlike the Hue system.

They offer a range of different bulbs and fitting types, from GU10 spotlights, B22 fittings and candle bulbs, as well as a light strip too. They are also offered in white only and color versions too.

Do Innr Bulbs work with Hue?

If you already have a Hue bridge and bulbs then Innr bulbs will work and integrate with your set up, however they won’t work with Hue Entertainment and Hue Sync.

To add an Innr bulb to your Hue system you do it in a similar way to adding a Hue bulb –

  1. Load the Hue app, go to Settings, and select ‘Light set up’, then the ‘add light’ button and then “Search.”
  2. Then turn the innr lamp off and on again. The lamp will blink twice, indicating that it is connectable.
  3. When the bridge has found the lamp (this is a matter of seconds), the lamp flashes once to confirm that it is connected to the bridge.
  4. A little later, the lamp will be visible in the Hue app and you can control it like other Hue bulbs.

If you are looking for a hue compatible bulb in the UK then Innr smart bulbs are a great option.

Are they worth it?

The Innr bulbs are good quality, bright and vibrant with a good deep color range, so you cannot fault them. They are also well priced compared to other smart bulbs on the market, as as they can be used with and linked to a  Philips Hue system then they are a good and cheaper alternative to Hue bulbs.

Overall the bulbs are great, the color is good and the price wise they are cheaper than Hue equivalent bulbs, so they are certainly worth considering.

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