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How Many Lights can a Single Hue Bridge Support?


Philips officials say that each Hue Bridge can control up to a maximum of 50 Hue bulbs, this can be a mixture of different bulbs, lamps and light strips, as well as switches such as the Hue dimmer, tap and motion sensors, however the maximum is 50 in total.

That being said some Hue users have reported being able to exceed this amount with someone posting that they have hooked up 63 bulbs to their bridge.

Max number of Hue lights connected to Hue Bridge

The recommended limit is 50 however the physical limit set on the bridge is 63.

If you need to add more than 50 bulbs then you would need to install and set up a second bridge at this time, although we hope Philips will make changes in the future to allow for more bulbs and items to be added to a single bridge. We don’t believe there is a limit to the number of bridges you can run.

While a common request is for this limit to be increased by Hue users, and with no reports of this happening anytime soon, it has been mentioned that this is tricky to do while ensuring it does not impact on the reliability and perfomance of Hue bulbs.

Bluetooth Bulbs

If you have bought the newer Bluetooth Philips Hue bulbs then there is no need for a bridge and this system can support up to 10 bulbs which connect to your Bluetooth enabled phone.

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  1. CR

    With the new functions they announced at CES, including exterior etc, 50 needs to be closer to 100 or 200. As you said, hopefully they’ll remove this artificial limit.

  2. Jason Dave

    I have 52 so far. I have found that the system slows down as more bulbs are added. I frequently find that when I change presets, or turn off all bulbs at once, some fail to respond. This neccessitates tapping the off button a few times.

    The hue pro app is poorly set up and crashes frequently, especially when diming all the bulbs at once. I have found that separating bulbs into groups helps somewhat.

    I hope hue remedies this soon. Having nearly 3k invested in bulbs in the house, I would like a more seamless OS.

    • Marc D

      Jason.. I agree that the pro app is bad.. I have a total of 54 lights, strips and motion in my house now. I do love controlling everything with Alexa in groups but do find that once I hit 50 some miss the command.. Not huge but like you said over 3k in lights I hope they improve the app and maybe add more lights to one hub. I added another hub but had to jump through to many hoops to make it work. I will add the outside lights if they figure out how to add more lights to 3rd generation hub..

  3. Daniel Profitlich

    Hmm. I am curentry try to connect some lights but I see them blinking/handshake tried to tap in the 6 digit serial no luck.
    But this clear up the issue. I actually have 71lights connected buy now. I just counted in the app.
    But still need to connect 12-15 more lights.
    Is there a trick to extend the hub or is just to make two separate systems ‍♂️

  4. Vinicius Watson

    I am kind of afraid of this now, only my kitchen and living room together already have 50 lights… I will have to check about getting another hub and how this works. Can I sync 2 rubs to alexa and samsung smartthings?

  5. Frankdubbs

    I’m at 59 and it’s performing fine. I do have a pretty wicked home network though. And minimal WiFi ‘noise’. I didn’t even realize I was past 50 until I checked. Lol

  6. Greg Davis

    I have about 70 lights and have to use 2 bridges. It is a hassle to have to switch between bridges to control the different rooms in my home and I haven’t added any outdoor lighting yet.

    • Marlow

      The Hue Essentials app will control multiple Hubs (even a mix of Philips Hue and Ikea Trådfri) within the same app without the need of switching.

  7. Dane Collins

    Just a though light enthusiasts – if you want to remain within the design limitations for whatever reason have two bridges and use one for the lights that are typically automated and you don’t play with – and the other bridge for the ones you like to manipulate manually. That is what I will do anyway. Sure its not a solution for all.

  8. Geneva

    My mind is blown. People are adding 50 lights and I can’t seem to add the 5th light. I put in the serial number and it still does not pick up the 5th light (light not found). Also will the bulbs work in a 3-way lamp? May be my problem.

  9. Richard Henderson

    I have two hubs, one for inside and one for outside. Setting them up for remote access was a real hassle. I needed a separate email address for each one.


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