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How to Use Nanoleaf with Hue or LIFX


Nanoleaf is a set of triangle color panels that light up, the trainable share of them allows great flexibility in creating different shapes and layouts depending on how you wish to use them and the space you have.

With the smarter kit you get 9 panels however you can connect up to 30 in total. The nanoleaf works with Amazon echo, Google home, Google assistant, Siri, home kit and IFTTT.

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The panels create a very bright and strong light that is well diffused, on the wall they are great for light art, mood lighting and perfect for any gaming set up. The LED color panels can be changed from 16.7 million colors and has a range from 1200k-6500k white light ranging from a soft warm Sunset to bright white daylight.

The panels come with 3M tape making it quick and easy to attach to your wall without any drilling.

Hue Lights and Nano Leaf

Can I set up Philips Hue with Nanoleaf? Both Hue and Nanoleaf work with hubs such as Google Home, Alexa and Apple Siri and Homekit, therefore using these can combine the two, although you cannot add Nanoleaf lights to your Hue system and app.

Creating a room or group that includes the Hue bulbs and the Nanoleaf set up you can tell your voice activated hub to ‘turn on the office’ and these lights will turn on. ‘Make the office green’ will change your Hue bulbs green as well as the LED panels.

Connecting Hue to Nanoleaf

If you already use Philips Hue and have a number of hue bulbs installed then the Nanoleaf looks great with these. Philips don’t have anything like this at the moment, and you cannot integrate these panels with Hue via their app.

This is the best way to integrate and combine the two systems.

IFTTT also have an applet that combines to the two in a similar way here.

LightDJ is an iOS and Android app that has features that combine Hue, LIFX lights and Nanoleaf too. With this you can use Hue Sync to keep your hue bulbs and light panels all in sync.

Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

There are a few options and products that can transform a room.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

These are the triangle light panels mentioned earlier, bright panels that can be linked together creating creative patterns and cool designs. Linking up to 30 in total this can create a great effect on any wall.

Nanoleaf NL22-0003TW-9PK Light Panels Smarter Kit

    Nanoleaf Rhythm

    This is an add-on to the Nanoleaf light panels, and can be bought as part of a starter kit too. This adjusts your light panels to the rhythm of the music great for any party and changing the colours to the beat.

    Nanoleaf Canvas

    The latest product and newer version of the light panels, instead of triangles these are square and come with the rhythm feature built in.

    These are great for turning a blank wall into a light wall and can be easily done as you can link up 1,000 of these! The effect and design certainly looks impressive.

    Nanoleaf Canvas WiFi Smart RGB 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Starter Kit (9 Panels)

      These panels can be used in many ways instead of just covering a whole wall, from panels around your desk, set out in a fun share as wall art or perhaps behind your shelfs with wine bottles on.

      How do you use these panels? Light wall? Creative light art? Desk lighting? Let us know below.

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