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No Immediate Plans for New GU10 Color Bulbs

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The GU10 spotlight bulbs are a popular choice in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and Hue offer two bulbs, a white version and a color version. The white only GU10 is a perfect fit size and can be easily be swapped in place of your traditional GU10 bulb, however the color GU10 is slightly longer making it difficult to find a fitting that will take the bulb, and also unlikely it will straight swap with your traditional bulb and fit.

Plans for New GU10 Color Bulbs

With the difficulty in using and installing the color GU10 bulb I hoped to see an announcement for new bulbs that may have better color but at least be a perfect fit size.

One user on Twitter asked this very question and the answer wasn’t what we would have hoped for.

At the moment they still don’t feel they can get the technology to fit and work in a smaller perfect fit size bulb.

The current White Ambiance GU10 Dimmable LED Smart Spot Light comes in a pack of two and can replace any traditional GU10 bulb you may already have fitted, this is great for spotlights and as is perfect fit size, will fit perfectly fine.

The current Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance GU10 Dimmable LED Smart Spot Light bulbs are slightly larger and longer and therefore may not fit, so make sure you measure first. Read our Philips Hue GU10 Spotlight Guide & Dimensions for more info.

Updated GU10 bulbs are certainly on our wish list for updates we would like to see, and the current version is holding me back from updating my spotlights to Hue bulbs.

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