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Philips Hue GU10 Spotlight Size Guide & Dimensions


If you have some downlights in your home already then changing these to Hue downlight bulbs is a great way to change the room they are in. You may have these in a hallway, changing them to these bulbs make great night lights allowing you to have them on in a dim light when getting up in the morning or going to the bathroom in the night.

A common place is the kitchen, here you can add mood lighting by changing the color, brightness and scene. Great for romantic evenings in or setting a party scene in the hub of the house.

Philips Hue GU10 Bulbs

After a long wait updated GU10 color bulbs from Hue have been released in 2019. They are now smaller, have richer colors and have also been updated to include Bluetooth as with other Hue bulbs.

Philips Hue Smart 50W GU10 LED Bulb - White and Color Ambiance Color-Changing Light - 1 Pack - 400LM - Indoor - Control with Hue App - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit

    This image below shows the difference in sizes to the previous version which was a lot longer. The new model is of a similar size to traditional GU10 bulbs and will therefore allow for a straight swap with these, whereas before many spotlight housings would not be big enough for the longer bulbs.

    The new size allows for a perfect fit.

    Philips Hue GU10 Bulb Size

    Full bulb specification and dimensions:

    • Height: 58 mm
    • Diameter: 50 mm
    • Weight: 0.05 kg
    • Luminous flux: 350 lm
    • Protection: IP20
    • Wattage: 5.70 watts

    You can check you are buying the newer GU10 bulbs as there is a Bluetooth logo in the top right of the box. Bluetooth allows you to use these bulbs without the need for a bridge, if you are new to Hue, you can instal these in your kitchen for example and use without having to buy and install the Hue bridge.

    You can operate the lights using the Hue Bluetooth app on your phone.

    New GU10 Bulbs


    New GU10 White ambiance with Bluetooth

    As well as the new Color bulbs there are updates to the white ambience which are brighter and also include bluetooth.

    • Colour temperature: 2200-6500K
    • Diameter: 50mm
    • Height: 58mm
    • Lumen output: 350 lm @ 4000K
    • Max. operation power: 5 Watts
    • Max. standby power: 0.5 Watts
    • Wattage equivalent: 50 Watts

    The current White Ambiance GU10 Dimmable LED Smart Spot Light comes in a pack of two and can replace any traditional GU10 bulb you may already have fitted, this is great for spotlights and as is perfect fit size, will fit perfectly fine.

    The GU10 spotlight bulbs are a popular choice in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and Hue offer two bulbs, a white version and a color version. The white only GU10 is a perfect fit size and can be easily be swapped in place of your traditional GU10 bulb, however the color GU10 is slightly longer making it difficult to find a fitting that will take the bulb, and also unlikely it will straight swap with your traditional bulb and fit.

    Previous Gu10 Bulbs

    A common issue is the size of the color GU10 bulbs, of which you may not have realised but they are intact bigger than your standard GU10 bulb. These bulbs are slightly longer meaning that they won’t fit in a standard downlight housing.

    Hue GU10 too big?

    These are the sizes of the color GU10 bulbs for Hue.

    • Length: 72mm
    • Width: 50mm

    philips hue gu10 color and white dimensions

    With Hue GU10 bulbs being longer they may not fit in your standard fitting, below are some downlight fittings that ay be suitable.

    US fitting:

    • Wire connector socket for GU10 light bulb
    • Recessed Light Holder Retrofit

    UK Fittings:

    • Ansell icage

    Read our full guide to Philips Hue bulbs here.

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    1. Andrew

      Has anyone noticed that the color’s are not accurate with these bulbs? When I select a deeper green, I get a very light green/yellow, and with a deep blue, more of a purple. Is this a common thing with these bulbs vs. the other Hue lights?

    2. andrew

      Hi I have just had gu10 fitting installed in my bathroom so I can use hue bulbs except when I put my bulbs in, the ones that I took from my kitchen so I know they work, nothing worked, they blinked every minuet or so but nothing else and the app said they could not be found, I tried a normal gu10 led bulb and it worked fine, any ideas.

    3. Rodger JOHN

      These GU10 colour lamps do not fit my lamp holder. I thought this was an accepted international standard. The White lamps are fine. The units are 4 inline so to have two that fit and two that don’t is just plan daft.

      Is there an adapter available?

    4. Carl Harris

      Bloody annoying….. brought a GU10 light fitting….. brought some GU10 hue colour bulbs….. and they don’t fit.

    5. JP

      I have the GU10 ambience bulbs and I am looking for an up and down wall light that will fit them?

      Does anyone have any idea?

      • Hue Home Lighting

        Can’t name any specific ones but I am sure there will be many that will be suitable, even with standard GU10 bulbs there is usually good gap between bulb and casing, so even with the additional length of the Hue bulb it should fit.

        • Caroline Neve

          Really struggling to find ip65 rated bathroom down lights that fit our white hue bulbs. They’re just a little too big for the glass cover on the light, really frustrating!

    6. Billy

      Ridiculous. Nowhere on the packing does it say this will not fit into a standard GU10 light fitting. I’ve had mine sitting waiting for a build to finish before I put them in – only to find the diameter is too big. Well done Phillips – don’t suppose you’ll swap them over to the new ones for me.

    7. Ric

      I’m also looking for a fitting for the colour GU10 bulbs. There’s Philips Milliskin which comes with a bulb but they don’t sell just the fitting. After a bit of Googling I found 2 other fittings that look identical: Philips Enneper (white) and Philips Donegal (metal effect). They can be picked up very cheaply (under £5). Does anyone here know if they fit these colour bulbs? A photo on Amazon shows the bit the bulb plugs into separate from the fitting suggesting it will fit fine so long as there’s room in your ceiling.

    8. Ric

      I contacted Ansell directly about the colour GU10s and they said “These will only fit in out Twistlock range of downlights” – so not the iCage as suggested above.

    9. John

      I now have £200 worth of useless lightbulbs. Phillips don’t sell products that fit their stupid over sized bulbs. They don’t sell any bathroom lights that fit there bulbs. Why get locked into to the Phillips eco system when it’s so expensive and lacking in product support?


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