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Everything You Need to Know About the Philips Hue App


The Philips Hue app for your phone or tablet is the control panel of your lights and has some great features for your lights other than just turning them on and off. Avaibale for iOS and Android, it is key for setting up and controlling your Hue lights

There are 3 Hue apps currently, which include:  

  • Philips Hue App
  • Philips Hue Bluetooth App
  • Philips Hue Sync App

There are reports Hue bluetooth bulbs will soon be able to be controlled via the main Philips Hue app, at the moment you must use the specific Bluetooth app for this.

In the future it would be great, and the hope would be that there is just one single app for all making it easier for consumers and also future updates and developments. 

Download: Philips Hue for iOS | Android (Free)

Philips Hue App 4.0

The Hue apps are a key part of the Hue user experience where updates bring out new features and improvements to make it better.

“As world leader in the smart lighting industry, the focus of Philips Hue is to keep improving its products and services with the latest innovations. The millions of users worldwide of the Philips Hue app are at the basis of its new launch.

We analyze suggestions and reviews and even co-create with our users via usability studies and beta apps. With the launch of the new Philips Hue app, we set the first milestone in the future of smart lighting. It’s the new Philips Hue experience, and this is just the beginning. We are excited to share more innovations in the rest of the year,” said George Yianni, Head of Technology Philips Hue at Signify. 

New Philips Hue App is available for download

What can the Philips Hue app do?

The Hue app is the control panel of your lights and has some great features for your lights other than just turning them on and off.

Set up entertainment areas

Create entertainment zones for your Hue lights so you can sync them with music and your Tv using Hue Sync. 

Organizing Entertainment areas is also easier – and more fun, with a new setup in an isometric 2.5D view to determine the exact location and height of the lights. To make it even simpler, the lights in the setup change their color so users know exactly which ones they refer to. 

Dynamic scenes

With this feature, each of the lights in the Room or Zone will slowly transition through the different colors of the dynamic scene. Instead of each light staying at only one color, dynamic scenes introduce a new level of unique light effects — and create an atmosphere unlike any other. 

Create Automations

Formally known as routines, automations allow you to set timers and settings for when bulbs and lights come on and turn off, the effects and what they do automatically once activated. 

Control your lights when away from home

The app enables you to see the bulbs that are connected to the bridge and with it set up vi your Hue account you can view and manage your bulbs when away from home using an internet connection. 

Naming of bulbs

With Hue Philips, you have the freedom and the rare opportunity to rename your lamps using the app. This can simply be done by going to Settings, Then My Lights and give each any name you like. 

Controlling the intensity of lights

It’s amazing how you can change the intensity of Philip Hue depending on your mood. At least now we can be able to tell if your spouse has disappointed you upon observing the lights immediately we enter your house.

Reading ‘emits a warm shade,’ Relax’-a warm soothing light and ‘Concentrate’ which sets brightness level to concentrate. There are also numerous Whites which can be chosen from its palette.

Using as an alarm to help you wake up

Philips Hue won’t make that irritating noise that has often made you switch of alarm. I am talking about the one you set on your own to help you wake up only to switch it off when it rings.

With this lights, you simply fade in and out and the days you want the alarm to be active. When the time reaches, your room will shine so bright like the mid day sun. Of course you will wake up. Wont you? Good. It makes you create an improvised ‘sun’. Read how to use the sunset and sunrise feature here.

Creating scenes

You can create lighting scenes from a picture on your phone or using the camera, the scene is then created based on colors within the image. 

Open a room > then go to ‘new scene’ > then select the camera button at the bottom left.

Hue App Troubleshooting

Common issues and frequently asked questions regarding the Hue app.

Why is my Hue app not connecting?

My Philips Hue app stays on ‘connecting’ on both iOS & Android – The first thing to check is your bridge, make sure it is on and the 3 blue lights on it are lit, if they are not this could be the root of the issue. Make sure your phone or device that you are using the app on is connected to the internet and your Wifi that your Hue bridge is also connected too.

How do I reset my Hue app?

You can reset your Hue bridge to factory settings using the small pin hole on the back of the device. Read our guide here.

What other apps can I use for Hue?

There are lots of other third party apps that you can use to control your bulbs and for specific features and tasks. View our top Philips Hue apps here.

Which app do I download for Philips Hue?

If you have a bridge then you should download the Philips Hue app, if you do not have a bridge and are using Bluetooth bulbs, then download the Philips Hue Bluetooth app. If you have Hue sync then you can download the Hue Sync app to control this, you must also have a Hue bridge as well for this to work. 

What happened to ‘Routines’ in the Hue app?

The feature and function of ‘Routines’ is still there however it has now been renamed to ‘Automations’. 

How do I updated my Hue lights software via the app?

Via the Hue app, click setting and then software update, here you can update your bridge or lights and also turn on auto updates and what time this should be done.

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