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Philips Hue Bathroom Lights


Philips Hue has expanded its product portfolio with more lights and a smart bathroom mirror named the Adore Mirror, a practical light and wall mirror ideal for the bathroom environment.

Hue bulbs can be used in a bathroom as long as they are used within a bathroom light fitting that will protect them. If you are looking at changing your fittings or mirrors then there are a few options that have Hue lights built in making them ideal for this.

Philips Hue for the Bathroom

With so many Hue lights available now, you really can use Hue in all your rooms, as well as outside too.

Smart lighting in the bathroom can help you feel refreshed and ready to go every morning or help you relax in the evening. To create a luxurious atmosphere with the first Philips Hue light that brings millions of colors to the bathroom, install the chrome Philips Hue Xamento recessed spots, featuring a minimalistic design in chrome.

Additionally, the Philips Hue Devere ceiling light offers a combination of powerful warm-to-cool white light as well as indirect light effects. The Philips Hue bathroom lights range will be further expanded later this year with the Philips Hue Xamento ceiling light that also provides white and colored light.

Philips Hue Adore Mirror

This Philips hue bathroom mirror light is safe to use in a bathroom environment where water and damp will be as it has a IP44 rating. It is 560mm circular in size, mirrored surface and a White Ambience Philips Hue light around the circumference giving a nice warm glow.

This mirror is white light only. so no color. It works just like other Hue bulbs and lights using the app to connect, and then you can control via Google Home, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit as well as phone apps you may already be using.

While it is white light only, it is also not heated, which you feel should be expected for a smart light mirror, seeing as it will just steam up when you get out the shower.

Philips Hue Adore Mirror for your Bathroom

With the Hue mirror it also comes with a dimmer switch included too which you can set up to control this light. Using the app settings and presets you can se the light to relax ideal for in the bath, read, energise or concentrate, ideal for maximum light in the morning to help wake you up and also when putting make up on in front of the mirror or having a shave.

Hue Adore Bathroom Mirror
A large stylish mirror that has a dimmable light around the edge creating a beautiful glow and making it a practical light too.

As well as this mirror light, there is also the Hue white Adore bathroom mirror light, designed to be installed above a mirror already installed in a bathroom, the light will shine down and again is controllable the same as the above mirror light too. This one also comes with a dimmer switch too, giving you a physical switch to turn on and off in the morning or at night.

Philips Hue Adore Smart Flushmount Light

If you have a single ceiling light in your bathroom than this smart Hue Adore light is ideal. As with other Hue lights you can adjust the brightness making it ideal for full brightness in the morning when brushing your teeth, and a very dim night light if you get up in the night to use the bathroom.

Using routines and timers you can have the light come on in the morning, set to dim at night, or turn off at a certain time. This light also comes with a dimmer switch allowing you to control it via a physical switch as well.

It is a stylish looking light that is slim and modern. At 2400 lumens it is bright, it works with Alexa, and the rest of the Hue system. This is white ambience only, so the color of the light cannot be changed.

Hue Adore Smart Flushmount Light
Include Philips Hue White ambiance Adore flush mount fixture in your bathroom and experience light recipes that helps you energize, concentrate, read and relax

Adore Bathroom Wall Lamp/Light

If you already have a mirror in your bathroom and want a light to go above it then the Hue Adore Bathroom mirror light is perfect. A stylish light that comes with a dimmer switch to, making it easy to turn on and off and adjust the brightness too.

The outside has a chrome finish with a white diffused light coming from the top and bottom. The light is white only, so no color, however it can be adjusted to a warm more yellow white, or a cool white which is ideal for mornings helping you feel more energised.

The light is 60cm wide, sticking out from the wall by 13.1 cm and a height of 6.5cm.

Hue Adore Recessed spot lights for the Bathroom

If you want a light the can be adjusted in terms of direction then this spotlight is perfect. An adjustable Hue spotlight that uses a GU10 Hue white bulb. This comes with a dimmer switch to allowing it to work straight out of the box if you don’t already have a Hue bridge.

The light has a white finish to the wall mount and bulb casing, with a chrome finish to the end and a chrome adjustable part which allows you to point and direct the light where needed, be it at a mirror, yourself or the bath where you are reading.

This can be bought as:

  • Philips Hue Adore Single Spot
  • Philips Hue Adore 2 Spot Bar
  • Philips Hue Adore 3 Spot Bar

All versions come with a dimmer switch included and all bulbs are adjustable and directional.

Philips Hue Adore Chrome

This ceiling light matches the style and design of the Adore range. A chrome exterior with a bright diffused light coming from it. Again this is white only and can be adjusted using the included dimmer switch. The light fitting is 40.5cm wide and a depth of 5.2cm. The brightness is adjustable using ht dimmer of Hue app if you use a bridge. The max brightness is 2400 lm.

Can you use Hue in the bathroom? 

Hue bulbs are not designed for use in the bathroom, however they can be used in a light fitting that is designed for bathroom use and that will protect the bulb and stopping the steam reaching them. 

Philips also have a range of smart lights that are designed for the bathroom specifically, from a lit mirror, to wall and spot lights. 

Check out above the latest range of Philips Hue lights designed for the bathroom.

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