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Philips Hue Bulbs can now be grouped in ‘Zones’


An update to the official Hue app on iOS and Android now allows bulbs to be grouped into zones. This make is easier to manage bulbs and lights, and easier to turn on different bulbs within a room or setting.

Grouping Hue Bulbs with ‘Zones’

While you could already control individual hue bulbs and lights set in a room, by grouping bulbs within a zone you can then set up specific colors and settings for these zones without changing them all individually, or as a room. It gives more control and allows you to group bulbs from multiple rooms.

This video from Philips show how it all works.

What you could do with Zones:

  • Group bulbs within a room, such as reading lights
  • Group bulbs across multiple rooms
  • Group bulbs for night, turning on landing, stair and bathroom lights only
  • Group lights for security – Set a routine for a group of lights to come on (Routines do not work with Zones at the moment)

Zones do not work or show with regards to entertainment areas, however you can still select a room or individual bulbs.

This new feature is still in beta, so we expect more updates to this in the near future. Routines, switches, such as the Dimmer and Tap, and voice assistant controls don’t work yet with this new feature, however hopefully this will change as updates are rolled out.

It has taken a while for this feature to come to fruition but hopefully more features and functions will be added to this.

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    i am struggling with my 55pus 7502 tv that will not syncronize more than 9 bulbs. how can i increase this to the 1 2lamps i have got


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