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Philips Hue Light Switch Covers and Plates


To operate your hue lights there are a few options, voice using Alexa, Google home or Siri, using your app be it the Hue app or a third party app, or a Hue switch, such as the tap or dimmer. If you have guests or a family that just go to use the light switch it can be annoying as the switch must remain on and flicking the switch won’t do anything as you are turning power off to the bulb. With new compatible Hue light switches coming, there is an alternative way to cover these switches preventing use of them, and also mounting your Hue dimmer.

Hue light Switch Covers

There are a number of options and product that are on the market that allow you to cover your old light switch and also mount your Hue dimmer or tap on to.

Philips Hue Light Switch Covers

Pictured above is a double Hue dimmer faceplate that fixes to a double or single switch. As you can see the switches are covered by the dimmer switches which are held in place by magnets. A clever design that works well and cane be bought as a double as shown and also a single.

Philips Hue UK dimmer mounting plates

In the Uk there are a few options as the UK light switch size and design differs to those in the US.

  • New Improved Bright White Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Cover Plate
  • Samotech® SM209 Double Light Switch Cover for Philips Hue Dimmer
  • Samotech® SM200 Light Switch Cover for Philips Hue Dimmer

These are Philips Hue Switch Gang Size UK light switch covers easily go over your current light switch allowing for a seamless cover that requires no wiring or electrical work.

Light Switch Covers

If you don’t want to mount your dimmer onto the light switch however wish to cover it to prevent is being used, then a simple solution is to add a faceplate over it to prevent it being accessible.

Mitzvah Family Magnetic Switch & Outlet Cover for Flat Modern Switches

    This can work well if you don’t use any Hue switches and therefore have nothing to mount over the light switch itself, or if you wish to have your Hue switch else where, this allows you to block access to the light switch while easily being able to remove if needed.

    What solution have you gone for? 

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    1. rich Jaeger

      3 way setup, took a long time to find this -i did not understand why or how to use the hue dimmer switch .I see now,that with 3 ways,best set up is -to connect house wires so lights are always on -add a hue dimmer switch at each 3 way.so any one can control -on off ,and dimming -. this should be noted on “sales information for hue dimmer switch.”


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