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Philips Hue Range to be Compatible with Matter


The Philips Hue range is set to be compatible with new smart home connectivity standard Matter.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance, which includes large tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Philips, today announced the launch of “Matter,” a new interoperable, secure connectivity standard designed for all smart home devices.

From the Philips Hue press release is said – “all existing and new Philips Hue smart lights and accessories will be compatible with Matter via a software update to the Hue Bridge. Matter (previously known as Project CHIP – Connected Home over IP) announced by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly Zigbee Alliance) on May 11, is a new industry-unifying standard that enables smart devices to work together seamlessly. Philips Hue users will therefore benefit from greater interoperability — making organizing an innovative smart home easier than ever before.”

Matter to be enabled across all Philips Hue products in just one step

A simple software update to your hue bridge and products will make your hue system compatible. “To take the Philips Hue smart home integration to the next level, the software in the user’s Hue Bridge will simply be updated automatically with Matter. Via this update Philips Hue users will benefit of a simplified connected experience when integrating with other smart home devices. As all previous settings and personalization across Philips Hue products will remain after the Hue Bridge Matter update, users will continue to enjoy the wide range of features to personalize their homes with smart lighting, including light scenes, automated schedules, advanced entertainment possibilities and more.”

Matter is designed to help consumers, making it easier to connect devices from different brands allowing them to work together, improving reliability, security and flexibility. 

“With Matter, consumers and businesses can choose the brands they want in their smart home or commercial building and be confident they will work seamlessly. Homeowners, and especially those living in a smart home with multiple devices like smart locks, thermostats or smart speakers, can easily add new devices with a Matter mark using a simple setup code to connect their home as one. Businesses, particularly those that rely on connectivity, can count on one network to keep their operations running smoothly.”

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