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Find All Philips Hue Serial Number Locations


Sometimes you may need to reset a Hue bulb or access the serial number of this bulb or lamp, depending on the product the serial number is located in different places, so within this guide we identify where the serial codes are that you may need. 

Where can I find the Philips Hue Serial Numbers?

All the hue products have a serial number and these are important if you need to reset this hue bulb or light.

This table below is a quick guide to where the serial numbers are located.

Bulb TypeSerial Number Locations
BulbsNeck/base of the bulb
Light StripWhite RF Box
Light BarsIn the Manual
Philips Hue BloomSticker to base
Philips Hue IrisSticker to base
Philips Hue GoSticker to Plug Adaptor

The Hue serial number format is a combination of 6 number and letters and marked either by S/N or serial number. All of your Philips Hue bulbs has a serial number printed on the side of the base, they are not printed on the box or packaging. 

Serial Number on Hue Bulbs

Hue bulbs are the main component or the hue eco system and depending on the generation of Hue bulb and the type, serial number ca be found on the neck of the bulb, this is on most separate bulbs, candle sticks, GU10’s etc.

There will be a six digit code of number or letters that are indicated as a serial number or “serial no.” on the base of the bulb.

Serial number on the light strip plus

On the Hue Light strip Plus the serial number can be found on the little white Zigbee rectangular box along the cord (not the power brick box) of the light strip on the same side as the sticky pads. 

Philips Hue Light bars

The serial code for the Hue light bars are found within the manual and instructions that come with them, the serial number is not added to the bars themselves.

Serial Number in Philips Hue Bloom

On the base of the Hue bloom on a sticker you can see the serial number and the code printed on this. 

Serial Number in Philips Hue Iris

As with other lamps such as the Hue Bloom the serial number can be found on the base of the Hue Iris on a silver sticker. 

Serial Number in Philips Hue Go

On the Hue Go the serial number is printed on a sticker close to the main plug adaptor. the code is no on the Hue go light itself. 

Serial Number location on Hue Appear

The serial code is located on the top of the wiring box in a grey text. 

Resetting your Hue Bulbs

if you need to reset your hue bulbs and cannot access or find the serial number then you can reset the bulbs using these methods here

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