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Philips Hue Smart Button


Philips have rebased a new smart button for their Hue range. The small and discreet Smart button has a magnetic base and lets you control your smart lights with just one touch, you can also adjust to suit your needs.

Hue Smart Switch

The supplied plate measures 7.6 x 7.6 CM and then the magnetic button can be removed. This can be wall mounted and a great option to use instead of the Hue tap or Hue Dimmer switch.

The button itself is magnetic, so it can be attached the to wall plate supplied, or to something metal such as a fridge door. The button comes with a small adhesive magnetic pad, this allows you to stick this to anything you like, such as on the wall if you don’t want to use the wall plate.

Philip Hue Smart Button

The button can be used to turn lights on and off, we shall add further information as we know more. You should be able to customise the button via the Hue app once updated.

The Hue Smart button will go on sale in October for approximately $19.99.

Watch a first look video of the new smart switch below

Other Switches

Other Hue buttons that they offer are:

There are also a range of compatible switches by ‘friends of Hue’ partners and third party companies that work with Hue, and also look more like a traditional wall switch.

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