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Philips Hue Track Lighting – Perifo Rail


Later this summer, 2022, Philips Hue will launch its first own track lighting system, bringing a new lighting set up and design to homes while keeping the same ease of use and color and light settings. 

The Perifo system like other light set ups from Hue will be available in white or black, flexible to assemble and can also be mounted on walls or ceilings.

When used on the ceiling, the existing lamp connection is used. For wall mounting, an external power supply unit is used, which is simply plugged into a free socket. In both cases, 100 watts of power are available for the 24-volt track system. This is enough, for example, for just under 20 spots.

Philips Hue Perifo Rail

This system is fully customisable and allows you to extend and join the strip where needed depending on your design. The Perifo system isn’t cheap:

  • Hue Perifo Set 3 pendant lamp in black or white: 649.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo Set 4 Spots ceiling lamp in black or white: 749,99 Euro
  • Hue Perifo Set 3 Spots + Lightbar ceiling light in black or white: 799,99 Euro
  • Hue Perifo Set 3 Spots wall lamp in black or white: 649,99 Euro
  • Hue Perifo Set Wall Lamp Gradient Tube in Black or White 799,99 Euro
  • Hue Perifo Rails in black or white: 49,99 – 89,99 Euro
  • Hue Perifo Connectors Black or White: 19,99 – 29,99 Euro
  • Hue Perifo power supply for wall or ceiling: 99,99 Euro
  • Hue Perifo lights: 119,99 – 299,99 Euro

Available in white or black and will go on sale later this summer.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting set ups consist of a rail that is installed to the ceiling and connected to the mains light power, onto this track you can then add lights that can be positioned anywhere along this track where it is connected and gives power to the light for it to work. 

For the Hue Perifo Rail spot lights, pendant lamps and light bars can be added to the track lighting set up. 

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