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Philips Hue Vs Philips Wake Up Light Alarm


Philips had been quite popular for their sunrise wake up alarm clock lights for years, but the era of modernization and information technology has brought various changes. This advancement has brought change in the lighting systems as well and hence presenting the modern smart bulb lights. The entire system is designed keeping in view the needs of a modern individual.

Philips Hue Vs Philips Wake Up Light Alarm

Philips Hue lighting system is controllable with voice with the help of a smartphone and set up of the entire system is user-friendly.

These are the two systems we shall compare, there are different models of sunrise lights and bulbs too, so we have compared a Hue color and white bulb, with the Philips HF3520 coloured sunrise light.

It is simply a set of wireless light bulbs. The differences between the Philips Hue and the Wake-Up Light are discussed below:

Differences between Philips Hue and Wake Up Light

Light as an Alarm System

Philips had been successful with the Wake-Up Lights for years. The sunrise wake-up light comes with the option of an audio alarm and the light gradually brightens up to bring a person in the wake-up position and an energetic mood, however, the Philips Hue system doesn’t comprise of an audio system. The overall brightness of the Philips Hue system is also very sharp as compared to the Philips Wake Up Lights system.

Winner: Wake Up light

Color Pattern

The Philips Wake Up Lights have a fixed color for the lights which is typically red and yellow, however, for the Philips Hue System, a lot of options are provided. Using the lights as an alarm instead of clocks is itself a great idea, however, with the Philips Hue an individual can set an ambiance based on their level of preference. Philips Hue has the ability to replicate different shades so, a person has an option to either select warm white or a cool daylight based on their mood and preference at the specific moment.

Winner: Hue – The use of color bulbs make sunrises and sunsets a lot better, using third party apps is advised for better effects than the standard Hue app.


The Philips Wake Up Lights have a traditional design and can be placed on the bedside table in place of the bed lamps, however, the Philips Hue System does not require any special kind of lamps and can be used with the regular bedside lamps.

Although the design of all sunrise clocks on the market are stylish and look good, they are another thing to have on your bedside table, if you already have a bedside light then you can just replace the bulb.

Winner: Hue

Light Adjustment

The Philips Wake Up Lights are user-friendly and hence the brightness level is quite easy to adjust. The light adjustment system for the Philips Hue System can be regarded as more advanced as there is a possibility to add the colors. The lighting system for the Philips Hue System can easily be adjusted with the help of the smartphone which makes it very much like having power in the hand to change colors.

Winner: Wake Up light

Functions and Features

There are various functions and features in the Philips Wake Up Light system which are adjustable. The brightness and light based on the alarm system can be set according to the everyday life pattern.

However, the Philips Hue System is a lot more advanced as just by using the smartphone it is possible to control the lighting of the entire house. So, it is not confined to the bedroom only. It is user-friendly and the color of the lights can be selected according to the ambiance. There can be blue lighting in the entire house or any warm color can be chosen.

This can be regarded as a favorable option especially if there are kids in the house. The lighting for the kids’ room can be adjusted accordingly. The only difference between the Philips Wake Up Lighting System and the Philips Hue System is the snooze function which is present only in the Philips Wake Up Lighting system.

Winner: Wake Up light – More features allowing you to wake up to music, or nod off to the sound of rain. You can do this with Hue bulbs too, however third party apps are needed.


The era of modernization and information technology has made the world a global village. The world has advanced to such an extent that the advancement is reflected even in the modern lighting systems which are designed keeping in view the needs and the comfort level of a modern individual. Based on the features and differences discussed above it could be said that the Philips Hue System is a modern version of Philips Wake Up Light System.

The Philips Hue System can be preferred if there are kids in the house. The modern technological advancement has linked the Philips Hue lighting system with the smartphones which make the lighting controllable using the smartphones. However, the selection of the lighting system is an individual’s choice and some people are comfortable going with the traditional option as they never had any complain using the same lights for years.

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