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How to Cut and Re-Use Hue Lightstrip Off Cuts


With the Hue light strip you are able to cut them to reduce the length of them to suit what you need and how you wish to use them. If you need a longer strip you can also extend them by using a Hue lightstrip extension where you can add extra meter lengths to a maximum of a total 10m length overall.

Cutting and Reconnecting Hue Light Strip

One issue that has been is if you cut your light strip you cannot reuse the off cut easily without soldering a connecter to the end, however a SNAP ON Connector Socket Strip has been created that allows you to easily reuse your offcuts without the need for any soldering. A simple snap on clip that goes over your off cut end gives you a new connector pin allowing it to be reused and attached to a new length of light strip.

SNAP ON Connector Socket Strip & Pin (Pack of 4) | for Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus | Male (4 PACK)

    To use you just need to:

    • Cut you light strip along the solder points.
    • Then push the off cut end section into the connecter ensuring a firm solid connection.
    • Once in place push down the snap connector to close.
    • Now you can connect this to another length.

    It is important to make sure the socket makes a good solid connection and contact with the snap on connector.

    Hue Lightstrips

    Below you can see the latest Hue light strip and extension.

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    Philips Hue LightStrip Plus Dimmable LED Smart...

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