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Samsung TVs to support Hue Sync and Hue Lights soon?


There are reports that the upcoming SmartThings update is going to add support for the new devices that Samsung releases in the second half of this year.

Hue lights can sync with your TV if you use a Hue Sync box or have a Hue TV that has these lights built in from Philips, however this update from Samsung could add another option for consumers. 

“Samsung is also adding support for Philips Hue Sync. This will enable users to sync their Hue smart lights so that they flash, dim and brighten with the content playing on the TV. A Gentle wakeup routine will be added as well. It will gradually brighten the lights over a period of time to imitate the sunrise, gently waking you up from a deep sleep.” – Sammobile

This would open up new ways for users to sync their lights and be a milestone in the Hue history. Samsung produce some great TV’s so this would certainly be welcomed news and reduce the need to purchase a Hue sync box.

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