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How To Use Smart Lighting to Improve your Mood & Productivity


Light in the home can have a big impact on the way you feel, the way you wake up in the morning, the way you relax in the evenings, by using smart bulbs that change color you can use them to help to also change the way you feel.

Smart Lights for working at home

This infographic below shows you how you can adjust your smart lights in your home to promote relaxation, productivity and energy.
Light colours for your mood Infographic

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Which Colors can help to improve your Mood?

Lighting in homes has a tremendous impact on how we feel, fall asleep and wake up in the morning. For instance, using the best-colored bulbs ensures that you change the way you think. Businesses all over the world have been using colors to affect emotions and moods when it comes to our spending habits. For instance, when branding their products, they ensure that they use the right colors to communicate their corporate message, the reason being it can determine whether they get repeat customers or not.

Interior design is one type of business that uses colors to affect client moods. That’s because the designer has to know how to combine various colors to bring out the best feeling in your home. For instance, by using the right colors in a room, you can end up creating an impression that it’s a big room. The result is that your guests will feel comfortable, which means that your home looks appealing. In this informative guide, we’ll look at six types of colors and how using them in your smart lighting can improve your mood.

Keep in mind that you need to understand how color psychology affects our moods if you want your smart lighting to work efficiently. That’s because color psychology is a complicated thing. Remember that people may associate colors with different emotions, for example, believing that red means love. The truth is that how you subconsciously respond to color depends on several factors, for instance, location, culture, weather, and experiences.

Science affects the general effect that each color has. The best way to apply these colors to your benefits is by knowing the science behind them. Below is a guide to commonly used colors that will ensure you understand them.


Many big companies use blue color, the reason being that it provides a sense of security. It has also been known to increase productivity, which means that if you want to install smart lighting in your offices or workspaces, you should consider using blue bulbs.


Purple lighting is ideal if you want to be creative or solve complex problems. The reason is that it brings out your creative energies. It means that if you ‘re going to relax before embarking on a tough project, consider installing smart purple bulbs.


Red, the boldest of all colors has been known to increase a person’s appetite. It means that you should use red lighting in your dining rooms since it will ensure that you eat a balanced diet.


Green is easy on your eyes, which means that it causes the least amount of eyestrain. It is one color to consider if you want to create a mood of peace and harmony. For instance, consider installing smart green bulbs in places where you practice meditation and yoga.


Yellow lighting is one color that you should consider for unwinding and relaxing. It’s especially ideal for your bedrooms since it’s the place that you spend most of your free time.


White smart bulbs are best for your bathroom since they promote a feeling of energy.

One thing that you should remember is that not everyone will have the same reactions to particular lighting styles. However, the above attributes are quite common among the public.

Smart Lighting to Improve the Mood in Your Home

When it comes to getting the best of your home, it’s not just the color of your walls that need improving. You should ensure that you use the best smart bulbs for lighting and creating a happy mood in your home. Remember that failure to apply complimentary colors along with ultra-bright colors may cause pitfalls that even the best light can’t undo. 

Remove Stress – Blue is the color that should be in your smart lighting. That’s because it improves your mood by melting stress away, enabling you to relax. The best way to achieve this effect is to sprinkle your living or bedroom with blue. You can also decide to go all the way and paint the room blue.

Eat Or Stimulate a Conversation – Red lighting ensures that you get a satisfying eating experience. Another benefit of this color is that it stimulates conversation, which means that its one color you should consider for your dining or kitchen room. That’s because its where most people tend to gather.

Prevent Eye Strain – Green brings about a feeling of calmness, which means that if you’re planning your home or office decor, you should consider it. It doesn’t cause eye strain, which means that you’ll concentrate more for extended periods. It’s the reason that most lamps and green eye-shades are for accounting professionals.

Be Creative – It’s the color to use in your lighting if you want to get your creative juices out. It’s perfect for improving the mood in studios or when you want to read books.

Enjoy Your Exercises – Most people love exercising nowadays. It means that you should consider installing smart yellow lighting in your workout rooms for the best outcome. The stimulation that yellow creates in your body enables you to feel inclined to have another pushup.

Promote Energy- White should be your color of choice, for example, in your bathroom. The reason is that it promotes energy, which ensures that you get out feeling refreshed.

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What to Do

  • Ensure you get the best of these colors by seeking the services of an interior designer. These professionals have experience in combining the best smart lighting colors, which ensures that you get the best outcome.
  • Remember that not all people perceive colors the same. It means that you should give your input to the interior designer.
  • Make sure that you purchase smart lighting bulbs that conserve energy or install solar panels. It will ensure you bring down your energy bills.

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