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Which Hue Lights are Discontinued and Unsupported?


Hue is ever expanding its range of smart lights, as more lights are released and added to their eco system, there are some that are no longer supported and now discontinued.

Is Philips Hue being discontinued?

Hue has grown and developed over the years and is leading the way in smart lighting with new lights and features added released each year. 

In April 2020 support for the first-gen Hue Bridge was discontinued. After April 2020 no software updates have been made available for the 1st gen Hue bridge, and compatibility with the online services were be terminated at that time.

Hue Bridge

The brain behind the Hue lights is the Hue bridge. There are two generations of Hue bridge, the first generation bridge is now discontinued and support was stopped for this on 30th April 2020. The latest 2nd Gen bridge allows you to use Bluetooth bulbs and also supports Google Home, Alexa and Apple Homekit. 

Hue bridge generations 1 and 2

The first generation bridge is round, where as the second gen and current bridge is square with rounded corners, you can see the two in the image above.

Hue Lights

All the Hue lights are still supported and work with Hue, however some have now been discontinued or newer models and generations of those lights and bulbs have been released. 

You can see the difference between the generations of bulbs here. 

Hue Lux was one of the first Hue lights that were released and worked with the 1st gen bridge. Hue Lux has now been discounted and has been replaced with the Hue White lights. The Hue Lux bulb is an older bulb that has officially been discontinued.

Still Supported

While the 1st Gen bridge has been discontinued support still remains for all other Hue lights and products, the 2nd Gen bridge, all hue branded accessories and devices including the Hue Sync box.

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