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Do Philips Hue Bulbs Work With Touch Lamps


Smart bulbs are great and with a range of different bulbs they are able to be used and work with most light fittings and lamps. However powered is always needed so there are some lights and lamps that smart bulbs may not work, and one of those are touch lamps.

Do Smart Bulbs Work With Touch Lamps?

Do Philips Hue Bulbs Work With Touch Lamps? The simple answer is no. Hue smart bulbs require constant power even when off, this is so you can always turn them on and off via your phone for example. By using a touch lamp and turning the light off, you are also stopping the power to the bulb. When turned on it will go to the last state. When turned off at the touch lamp you will then not be able to turn it back on unless via the touch lamp itself again.

If the touch lamp is able to dim and adjust the bulb brightness this again would not work and may damage the bulb. Hue bulbs do not work with dimmer switches unless via the Hue app or using a Hue dimmer. 

While it maybe easier to use a traditonal bulb with your touch lamp, you can still use Hue bulbs without a physical switch. Using a voice assistant you can turn your lamp on and off, 

Instead of the touch lamp, you could use a Hue dimmer, Hue Tap, Hue Switch or the Hue app on your phone to control the bulb, adjusting the brightness, color or turning it off. You can of course also use timers or the sunset and sunrise features too.

How To Make Smart Bulbs Work With a Touch Lamp?

The way to use a smart bulb with a touch lamp is to turn the lamp on and ensure it is at maximum brightness, with the lamp and bulb on, do not use the touch lamp to control the bulb, instead use the smart lighting app, a Hue dimmer or alternative switch, or a voice assistant such as Siri, Google Home or Alexa. 

What bulbs are best for touch lamps?

If you have a touch lamp then it is probably best just to use a traditional LED bulb that fits and works with that light, depending on the touch lamp you can turn it on and off and control the brightness. If your Lamp can adjust the brightness then make sure you get an LED bulb that is dimmable. Although it is not a smart bulb, by using a smart bulb you lose the function of the touch lamp. 

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