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How to Set a Timer for Your Philips Hue Lights

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Through the Hue app you can set up timers to turn your lights off, to a different color or even blink them. Think of it as a visual alarm. Tell the kids they have 10 minutes before bed, set a timer and have the lights in their room blink when it is bed time. Or perhaps you have something cooking while you are watching a film, as a reminder your lights could start blinking in the living room where you are watching a film to remind you to pause and go and turn off or check your food.

Timers a re a great way to act as a visual alarm, and also if you are hard of hearing a great alternative to your typical audio alarm.

In our example below we set a 15 minute timer to go to nightlight mode so I know it is timer to stop reading and go to bed.

How to Set a Timer with Hue

Setting a timer with Hue is very quick and easy, it is broken down into steps below.

  • Load the Philips Hue App
  • Click ‘Routines’ from the bottom menu choice
  • Select ‘Timers’ from the list
  • Click ‘Create Timer’
  • Give your timer a name
  • Select how long you wish this to last
  • Select the rooms an lights you wish to be active and on during this timer
  • You can elect the scene or recipe for the lights, as well as the last state.
  • Once complete click ‘Save’ in the top right
  • You timer will automatically start, you can stop and start this at anytime, your timer will be saved here and others can be set up if you wish.

Below are images that show the steps for the latest version of the Hue app.

How to Set a Timer for Your Philips Hue Lights

How are you using your timer? Let us know below in the comments. 

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