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Netflix Hack Takes Control of your Philips Hue Lights


At the head office of Netflix they like to have something called a hack day, a chance to come up with something new and fun, thinking outside the box that may well come to the market one day.

Using the Philips hue lighting system that can be controlled via your phone using wifi they combined this into the Netflix viewing experience. Depending on what you are watching the lighting system would change colours to match the on screen action, perhaps a horror movies where it goes very dark, the lights would dim creating a pitch black room, then suddenly a car explodes, the lights would suddenly come on and be a bright red yellow colour perhaps like on screen. This clever hack brings the action out of the tv and into the room creating an even better and more dramatic viewing experience.

With this being a hack day it sadly isn’t available to use or buy, Philips did use to do a TV that had lighting added to the back which worked in a similier way to this however it never really caught on, or took off. I’m sure at some point in the future this shall be available again and be easily incorporated into your set up.

Update – Fingers crossed with the function of Hue Entertainment this can soon be released as an update and partnership.

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  1. Gordy

    what exactly was the point of that story? you just got me all excited about having Hue interface with Netflix, only to snatch it away again 😉

  2. Joe

    I completely agree with Gordy.

    What’s the point of this article – I know it’s three-and-a-half years old but it still has NO value!


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