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New Products coming from Hue in 2021


Each year Hue rolls out new products and updates to its range of lights, we have posted what we would like to see this year but there are already stories of what we can expect this year.

Bluetooth Updates

Bluetooth has been rolled out to the full range of Hue lights over the last year, we are expecting the Hue play bars to be updated with Bluetooth too. It is expected that the complete product portfolio will be equipped with Bluetooth as well as ZigBee within the first half of 2021. 

New Dimmer Switch

There are images of a new Hue dimmer switch that would be the second gen. It still has four buttons but has more rounded corners and larger branding on it. The top button will act as a simple on/off button, you then have the dimmer buttons to make your lights brighter or dimmer. Finally the bottom button which has the Hue logo on will allow you to rotate through 4 scenes to set the mood. This will be adjustable so you can set the scenes via the hue app.

Philips Hue Dimmer Gen 2

Third party apps are likely to allow you to customise the buttons and what they do which you may not be able to do via the official hue app. 

The dimmer will also come with a base plate which is also larger than the previous generation switch. Previously it was 70 x 115 millimetres, this new version will be 80 x 125 millimetres which will make it large enough to cover standard EU in-wall boxes.

In the press release they said “One of the most popular Philips Hue products has also been upgraded: the Philips Hue dimmer switch. The redesigned dimmer switch offers intuitive wireless control for Philips Hue lighting without using the app. In addition to dimming or brightening the room, the dimmer switch lets users set their favorite light scenes or get the best light based on the time of day. Attach it anywhere you like using the wall plate or place the dimmer switch to any magnetic surface. Whether it’s on your refrigerator, a metal door frame or simply on a table, your smart lighting can always be controlled by you or your house guests.”

New Outdoor Lights

In 2021 we are expecting to see more outdoor light options, an up and down light perfect for attaching to the outside of your home is expected with new easy to install fittings. 

Philips Hue Wave Linear

“The new Philips Hue Amarant linear spotlight enables users to wash outdoor walls with light for the right ambiance in their garden no matter what season. The wall washing effect with vibrant light in millions of colours is intensified by the metal shield and spices up the look and feel of a blank wall in gardens or on balconies. The Amarant can be mounted on the floor or upside down on an overhanging roof to take outdoor light decoration to the next level. As part of the LowVolt luminaire collection, it’s easy to install and extend with more fixtures to fully personalize the ambiance of your outdoor space.”

There is also a new silver up and down light named Philips Hue Appear – “a popular outdoor wall light, now features a brushed stainless steel finish and easy installation. The inox wall light, which delivers a powerful up and down floating light effect in white and millions of colors, lends a luxurious feeling to the outdoor space. No need to struggle with wires when attaching the Appear, but easily mount the light to the wall using the pin-connector, sit back and relax.”

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