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How to Set Up a Hue Bridge


Have you ever imagined controlling your lights from your smartphone or tablet? Today this has become possible. You can even control your house lighting through your voice. This is a must product to enjoy all the benefits of the Philips Hue lights package. One Philips hue bridge can connect up to 50 connected lights.

Through the bridge, you are able to connect your bulbs to the home internet. This gives you a control of your lighting through Smart devices like the Google Home or Echo dot. You can as well control them through the use of common applications.

The apps give you the ability to control the bulb colors and different shades of your ambiance bulbs. If you don’t have a Hue bridge it is possible to use your lights without a Hue bridge.

How to set up a Hue Bridge

Before diving into the world of Phillips Hue Lighting, ensure you have an access to a wired internet connection to your router.

Let’s check out the device features;

1st Gen Vs 2nd Gen Bridge

Phillips Hue Bridge gives you a control of all your Philips Hue. All the access comes through the installation of a Philips Hue in your phone or your tablet. You can control the connected products even when away from home.

Hue bridge generations

The bridge has the ability to hold up to 50 Philips Hue lights to the connection.

Gives you the ability to set timers and alarms thus enhancing your experience through the Philips Hue.

Phillips Hue system connects comfortably with a variety of home automation systems including, Apple home kit, Google home, Samsung smart things, Yale, Razer and Logitech among many others

The Philips hue bridge is the product you need to have a personal Phillips hue system. It is the brain which controls all your Phillips hue products through the Phillips hue app.

Setting up your Hue Bridge

First and foremost download the updated version of the Phillips Hue app. 

The Bridge 2.0 set is really easy. It has been made to easily hook up with your Wi-Fi router. You only need to press the starting button. It will bring onscreen instructions that you simply follow to make the device run smoothly.

  1. Plug in your Hue Bridge to a socket.
  2. Connect the Hue Bridge to your Wi-Fi router using the included Ethernet cable.
  3. Wait for the three lights to turn on.
  4. Open the Hue app on your phone. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Hue Bridge.
  5. Follow the on screen steps
Compatible HomeKit

Phillips Hue Bridge will only enable you to gain control of Hue products and use Apple’s HomeKit and Siri to control your Hue lights.

The upgrade however has incorporates the existing Hue devices. There is, therefore, no hue user left behind by the upgrade to the new bridge.

What’s New?

The introduction of the 2nd Generation Hue Bridge has come with new features and new ways to do things. The bridge itself is the whole difference.

You might be familiar with the original puck-shaped Hue Bridge but now the design is all new.

Philips Hue Bridge - Unlock the Full Potential of Hue - Multi-Room and Out-of-Home Control - Create Automations and Zones - Secure, Stable Connection Won't Strain Your Wi-Fi - Works with Voice, Matter

    The new version comes with a support for the Apple’s Home Kit smarthome platform. This is a feature that was not present with the older model. This gives you a platform where you can integrate your smarthome products into the iOS in a very seamless method.

    The greatest development with the new version 2.0 of the Hue Bridge is the Siri support. You can use virtual assistant to have a control of compatible smart home products through the word of mouth. The first generation Hue Bridge cannot do this.

    Bulbs in the version 2.0 are brighter. There has been an improvement on the bulbs focus in the second generation Hue Bridge. They are actually 200 lumens brighter than the first Hue bulbs.

    They shine at 800 lumens to the maximum compared to the older version shining at 600 lumens to the maximum. This is a noticeable difference in the light world as it affects the color temperatures including the brightness levels.

    The version 2 bulbs are also able to get dim level which is much lower than the first generation. Unless the two bulbs are close to each other, you will rarely notice the difference.

    Starter Kits

    If you buy a starter kit not only does it come with the latest generation bridge, it also comes with bulbs and in some, a Hue Tap or dimmer switch.

    To Round Up

    The Phillips Hue Bridge app has not really changed. The main change has come in, in the settings section. This is where you get to choose your Bridge and have a view of your lights and other connected devices. It’s is also a platform where you randomize different colors making a scene.

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