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Philips Hue ‘Deep Dimming’ Update


Over recent updates for Hue bulbs and the bridge itself, there have been improvements made to the dimming function and brightness of many Hue bulbs.

Hue bulbs are dimmable be if white and ambiance, or color bulbs, however at low levels the bulbs are still bright and is certainly noticeable when using the sunrise feature where bulbs turn on and already feel quite bright. With this update the dimming of Hue lights has now been improved. 

The deep dimming update has vastly improved the brightness of some of the Hue lights and reduced the brightness of the bulbs when they are dimmed down. 

Specifically, the following lights have been mentioned that have been updated – Amaze, Adore, Apogee, Aurelle, Being, Calla, Cher, Ensis, Fair, Flourish, Liane, Lily, Muscari, Play, Sana, Semeru, Signe, Still, Struana and Within.

Philips Hue ‘Deep Dimming’

Update notes for the Bridge: https://www2.meethue.com/en-us/support/release-notes/bridge

February 24, 2020

Firmware 19370450000 (Bridge V2)

We regularly update your Hue Bridge to improve the performance and reliability of the system.

  • Added support for HTTP/2
  • Fixed an issue that could unintentionally restart the Hue Bridge
  • Updated the time zones to match Daylight Saving Time changes
  • Improved deep dimming behavior for older lights
  • Changed the manufacturer name to Signify in HomeKit
  • Improved reliability and security of the Hue Bridge

Update notes: https://www2.meethue.com/en-us/support/release-notes/lamps

February 20, 2020

Software version: 1.50.2_r30933 and

This update for Philips Hue lights without Bluetooth capability provides:

  • Security improvements
  • Deep dimming functionality on the following White ambiance and White and color ambiance fixtures: Amaze, Adore, Apogee, Aurelle, Being, Calla, Cher, Ensis, Fair, Flourish, Liane, Lily, Muscari, Play, Sana, Semeru, Signe, Still, Struana, and Within

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One Response

  1. Will Holt

    Hi Mike,
    Firstly, thanks for this website, it is both enthusiastic and useful!
    I am trying to find information regarding the (non-zero) minimum light levels that the latest White Ambience, and White and Colour Ambience bulbs can now be set to output (E27 if that makes a difference). I haven’t managed to find technical specs anywhere online, having looked at far more Philips Hue pages than is probably healthy.
    Specifically, I am interested in sunrise options. Is the sunrise routine initial brightness limited by hardware as well as software? I would like a solution that starts off much dimmer, otherwise it jerks me awake which defeats the purpose.
    Any advice on hardware/ software would be most appreciated!
    Thanks again


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