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Philips Hue Light Strip Not Sticking: 4 Ways to Fix This


Philips Hue light strips have been a common feature in the Hue light range and has developed over the years from the 1st generation light strip to the newer version with multiple colors and gradients and improved light effects.

The lights strips are simple and easy to use and install, however sticking and attaching them neatly and properly to a surface can sometimes be tricky and also difficult if you wish to move them. 

How To Restick LED Light Strips?

If you are having trouble stick and attaching the hue light strip then here are 4 tips to help ensure it is fixed in place securely.

1.Clean the surface

Decide and choose the best place for your light strip and ensure it has a suitable surface to attach it too. Ideally you want a long smooth run, corners are difficult to bend the light strip around and because of this they are also difficult to securely attach. 

When conversing and choosing where you want it do think about how it will be attached. If it is not suitable for the sticky strips on the back of the light strip then a physical fixing may be need such as clips.

Once you have the right place for the lights strip then make sure you prepare the area, light strips are popular in Kitchen and under kitchen units where they can look great. However, there is also lots of dust and grease, so before attaching you light strip make sure the area is clean, used damp warm cloth to wipe down the surface removing any dirt and grease to ensure a good and secure attachment with the sticky tape pads. 

If it is not clean the tape will stick to the dirt and dust and just pull away, you will then have to use new tape to try again.

2. Mounting Clips

Physical mounting clips allow you to fix the lights strip securely, however it does depend on the surface and if you wish to screw into this.

The width of these clips are suitable for the Hue light strip which is 14mm wide, when ordering make sure you get the right ones as the Hue light strips tend to be wider than others on the market. 

MMSD 100 Pack Hue LED Strip Light Mounting Brackets

    Here you can get a pack of 100, the benefit to these is that is will give a very strong fixing and also great for corners and bending the light strip where it can be difficult to also secure it especially using the tape method. 

    3. Using 3M Tape

    The light strip has sticky pads on the back to help attach it, if this is not working, or perhaps you have pull the light strip off and the sticky tape has lost its ‘stickiness’ then you may need to add some more sticky tape to this. 3M tape is very strong and should securely hold the light strips in place, do make sure the surface is clean though before attaching as mentioned before.

    Litcessory also do a Lightstrip Mounting Tape however is is expensive the the reviews are mixed.

    4. Using a Mounting Channel

    If the tape option isn’t working then a light diffuser and mounting channel could work well, these metal diffusers can be physically installed in place holding the light strip, there is then a plastic strip that holds them into this metal case keeping them secure.

    This is a good option if the light strip could be seen as it gives it a tidy and better look and finish if not used.


    Common questions on fixing and attaching your light strip again. 

    How do you keep light strips from falling off?

    The key is to make sure the area it is sticking to is clean and that there is a good contact surface.

    How do you Restick a hue light strip?

    The best way to re-stick your light strip is to use new tape and follow these steps. 

    1. Clean the back of the light strip and the area it shall be stuck to.
    2. Apply the 3M tape to the back of the light strip.
    3. Remove the tape backing to expose the sticky adhesive.
    4. Attach the light strip to the cleaned surface and press firmly to ensure solid adhesion.

    Can I use super glue on LED strip lights?

    Glue may sound like a good choice however it is no ideal for the plastics cutter casing of the light strip and could also leave lasting damage to this and also the surface you are attaching it too. 

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