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How to use Philips Hue as a Home Security System


Hue maybe a smart light bulb, however when combined with other smart products, and other Hue products the smart bulbs can suddenly help keep your home more secure and safer when at home or not.

Philips Hue As a Home Security System

Keep your Home secure with Hue

Using Hue smart lights you can help keep your home secure by having lights turn on and off when no one is home, or if needed, turning on to full brightness. Here are a few options to use Hue on its own or with other smart products to help as a security and deterrent measure.

Syncing your lights with a Yale Alarm

If you have a security alarm for your home then some may be compatible with Hue, when the alarm sounds you lights can come on or flash in your home acting as a deterrent and also making your home more visible.

Starting at £299 in the UK, the new Sync Family Alarm kit is a smart alarm, using geo location it can set itself when no one is home, your hue lights can flash to let you know the alarm is set, it also works with Amazon Alexa to issue voice commands, such as ‘Alexa, Goodnight’, to arm your alarm before going to bed, or ‘part arm’, so pets can roam free without triggering the alarm.  You can buy the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm in the UK here on Amazon.

Outdoor Motion Sensor

With the release of the new outdoor hue motion sensor, you can now turn lights on outside and inside the house. If you are out your lights may not be on inside, however if the motion detector goes off, your lights inside and out could all turn on, if it is someone that shouldn’t be there, they may think someone is in and may become visible with all the lights on.

Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Motion Sensor for Smart Home, Wireless & Easy to Install (Hue Hub Required, for use with Philips Hue Smart Lights)

    The outdoor sensor can be mounted on a flat wall or a corner giving a better view and area to work.

    Hue Security Floodlight

    Combining the hue motion sensor with the Hue floodlight you can illuminate your drive if the motion sectors is activated, that can also be done to other outdoor Hue bulbs and lights, so instead of just a floodlight coming on, you can have all your Hue outdoor lights come on adding light to the whole area which will give anyone that shouldn’t be there a shock.

    Phillips 1743530V7 Discover Hue Waca Nam Accs

      The Hue floodlight can be bought as white only or color light, the casing is the same for both, a black metal casing with a white frosted light section.

      Routines and Geo Location

      Using routines and geo location you can have lights in your home turn on even if you are not there, if it knows you are away and no one is in, then certain lights could turn on and off at set times to give the impression someone is in. This is ideal is you are away on vacation, or in the darker months when it is darker earlier you can have lights come on in the evening.

      How do you use Hue at home? 

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