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Philips Hue Siri Shortcuts now Available in App Update


Philips have today 3rd October released an app update that allows for Siri Shortcuts.

Release notes read – “We are excited to introduce Siri Shortcuts for Hue. Siri now learns when you are using your favorite scenes and suggesting them for your lock screen, Siri search or Siri watch-face. You can also use the Personal Shortcuts app to connect to your favorite scenes and include them in the Apple Shortcuts app.”

To use Siri shortcuts you need a Gen 2 square bridge and must have the latest version of the Hue app on your devices which is Philips Hue version 3.6.0.

The Shortcuts feature was launched in iOS 12 back in September, allowing users to create multi-step shortcuts using first and third-party apps that can be activated by Siri voice command. Siri shortcuts with Hue allows you to say ‘movie time’ for example, the lights can change and dim, blinds could close and sound system turns on using Homekit. Saying ‘dinner time’ could adjust your lights and music could softly play in the background.

Siri Shortcuts

As well as this new power feature, Philips is planning to introduce support for Apple’s Shortcuts feature in its Hue app in iOS 12.

The Hue shortcuts will be compatible with other shortcuts, so you can have a whole “Dinner Time” setup that not only changes the lights, but also does things like turn on music and text family members that the food is ready.

They will also be partnering with companies such as Makris, Kichler, Busch-Jaegar, Illumra, Koizumi, and John Lewis in the UK for its Friends of Hue program.

How to Create a Siri Shortcut for Hue

  • Load the updated Hue app
  • Create or edit a scene
  • On the scenes screen, select one and click the ‘pencil icon’ on that scene
  • Select ‘Add to Siri’
  • It will then ask you to record a phrase to enable this scene. Once recorded click ‘Done’ in the top right.
  • Then that is it! Say your phrase to Siri and the scene will be set.

You can set Siri shortcuts for your own scenes, or the ones already on the Hue app, such as ‘Relax’ or ‘Spring Blossom’, you can do this using the same method above.

What scenes have you set? 

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