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Make your Hue Lights Flash When your Sports Team Score!


Wouldn’t it be great when you sitting back watching a sport like soccer or hockey and there is a goal that you experience some of that vibrant celebration in your room too, well a clever guy called François Maillet did this and posted his hack over on his blog documenting how he did it using hit Philips Hue lights.

He also posted up a video showing exactly what happens when there is a goal when watching NHL. This is a great set up and an epic celebration, once you have seen this you will be itching to get this set up yourself!

How does it work?

In basic terms it is hooked up to the audio so that when the commentator screens ‘goooooaall’ it kick starts the party lighting system.

That is it in simple terms, however it is a lot more complex than that! Head over to his blog and find out how he did it here: http://blog.francoismaillet.com/epic-celebration/

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