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Is Philips Hue Worth It?


Did you not hear? Philips Hue bulbs are all the rage! You can make them glow in various colors, automatically turn them on whenever you pull to your driveway, or even color-wash your wall to match the TV’s output when watching a movie. These are just some of the cool features of Philips Hue light bulbs.

Nonetheless, are they worth it? This is the million-dollar question that many people ask themselves!

Why Philips Hue Light Bulbs are Worth It

To establish whether the Philips Hue light bulbs are worth it, we’ll have to look at the pros and cons of these bulbs:

Build and Design

Just like with plenty of smart lighting systems, as a company, Philips Hue has built the intelligence and dimming capability into its range of bulbs. While it makes the bulbs relatively heavier compared to dumb LED models, it’s possible to fit Hue bulbs to regular light fittings. It means that you don’t need to fix any wiring. The lights are always ready for use at any time, provided you leave your physical light switch turned on.

App, Features and Control

With a brand new system, the first thing you need to do is to set up the Hue Bridge. It plugs into the home network through an Ethernet cable. Once you connect it, you need to fire up your HUE app and then follow on-screen instructions in order to detect your Bridge. After connecting, follow the simple instructions to add your bulbs. You can order added lights into rooms, which also acts as groups. By doing all this, it’s possible to turn all the lights off or on in a single location quickly.

Philips Hue has worked extremely hard to boost its application. The result is that using the bulb is now much easier and faster as compared to when the system was launched. The app enables you to turn lights off or on or utilize the slider to set the lights to dim level. For sure, it is an incredibly responsive system.

The Difference Between All of Philips’ Hue Light Bulbs

Motion Sensor and Switches

Philips Hue bulbs feature a set of new motion sensors and switches. Its Tap Switch is an intelligent device, powered by kinetic energy by pressing four buttons. You can mount on the wall or remove it from its housing and utilize it as a remote. Through the Hue app, it’s possible to set which scene each button triggers.

While the Tap Switch might be neat, it does not offer fine control over the lights in your room. To be on the safe side, it’s better to use a battery-powered dimmer switch.

Google home, HomeKit and Alexa

Most if not all voice assistants support Hue. Much of this can be attributed to its popularity. Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Alexa (through the Amazon Echo) support all work in almost the same way. Through any of these systems, it’s possible to utilize your voice to turn a room or light off or on. Through the systems, you can also be able to set the dim level. Nonetheless, there are some notable differences in each of them.

For instance, with Alexa, you can activate scenes, which you’ve programmed. However, you can’t direct it to change the light color. On the other hand, Google Home does not support scenes but allows you to individually change light color. Amazon’s Apple HomeKit enables you to activate scenes and change light color. Nevertheless, it’s only for those that you make inside the Home application.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 60W Equivalent LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit (4 A19 Bulbs and 1 Hub Compatible with Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant)

    Other reasons to buy Philips Hue Bulbs

    The following are some of the other pros of buying these bulbs from Philips Hue:

    • The bulbs offer you thousands of color choices within a single bulb (over 16 million colors right at your fingertips)
    • Users have the ability to change the intensity and tone of white light
    • You can use several third party applications to connect the smart lights
    • It’s possible to connect to Siri
    • Energy bills might go down
    • Impress your guests with your bulb’s additional features
    • Enjoy home lighting that gives off your desired vibes

    Downsides to the Philips Hue

    While Philips Hue light bulbs most certainly boast amazing benefits and world-class features, cheaper, easier and more practical options exist. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider other bulb options:


    For those that want to install these bulbs, the primary thing you require is a Starter Pack. The pack has a bridge and three light bulbs to connect them together wirelessly. As you need a bridge which acts as the hub for the bulbs it is better value to buy a starter kit than the bridge on its own.

    The bulbs are not cheap and you need a hub which adds an extra cost, hopefully over time the cost will drop down, there are cheaper alternatives to the Hue, however there are pros and cons to those too.

    You need a Bridge

    Unlike other smart home lights you need a bridge with the Hue set up, this is what tells to the bulbs to change when you adjust your phone, unlike others where your phone would talk to the bulbs directly when you turn them on and off.

    Downsides to having a bridge is that it is another device you need to keep plugged in, and it also needs to be wired into your router using a ethernet cable, the bridge cannot connect over wifi as it doesn’t;t have this option.

    Final Thoughts

    Smart bulbs such as Philips Hue are certainly worth it. Of course being a website devoted to these build and set up we would say that, however the options and creative uses for these are wide open. The price is one thing that is difficult to justify and certainly a big negative, however which never option you go far smart bulbs are still currently on the pricey side. Hue maybe at the top end however it is well built, has a huge range of apps available to use, and also a lot of extra hardware, such as switches, sensors, lamps, different bulbs and fittings as well as cool light strips.

    Overall the Hue is pricey, no arguments there, however when it comes to smart bulbs and set ups the Hue system has a lot to offer and as smart bulbs become more and more popular the price will drop. The key is the ensure you start your set up on the right platform and Philips certainly have that.

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