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Support for 1st Gen Hue Bridge to End April 2020


The heart of the Hue system is the bridge and the latest version is the 2nd Gen square bridge with rounded corners, however there are still many users using the 1st gen round bridge will is still active today.

If you are unsure which bridge you have this image below shows what each version looks like. Gen 1 on the left is being discontinued and support stopped.

Hue bridge generations

Signify have said they will be stopping support for the 1st gen bridge and switching off online services for this on the 30th April 2020.

As of today, Signify will no longer release software updates for the Hue Bridge Version 1 platform. However, Signify will be releasing security, quality, and interoperability updates for Hue Bridge Version 1 for one (1) year from this announcement and will ensure compatibility with our online services and the latest version of our mobile Hue app. *

After April 30, 2020, no software updates will be made available for Hue Bridge Version 1, and compatibility with our online services will cease. The Hue Bridge Version 1 can only be controlled locally via the special Philips Hue Bridge Version 1 App.”

New features such as Hue Sync and Hue entertainment only work with the 2nd gen bridge, and this will continue to be supported.

Philips Hue Smart Hub (Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant)

    You can buy the latest Hue bridge from Amazon above. Check out our guide on How to Transfer or Upgrade to a New Philips Hue Bridge.

    There are no reports of a new 3rd Gen bridge at this time.

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