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How To Use Apple HomePod with Philips Hue


Hue works with Apple HomeKit already and with the release of Apple HomePod you can not connect it to your Hue lights allowing you to turn them on and off by just telling Siri. The system works in a similar manner to other voice control systems such as Amazons Alexa and Google Home.

To use your Hue lights with the Apple HomePod, you do need a Hue bridge. This is because the Apple HomePod does not have ZigBee built in, which is used to communicate with the Hue bulbs, therefore the bridge is needed. Other smart hubs such as Amazon Echo has this built in. 

Setting up HomePod with Hue

This video shows the simple steps to setting up your Apple HomePod to connect and work with your Hue lights.

Philips Hue & Apple HomePod Commands

Below are a list of commands that work with Hue that you can say to your HomePod using the command ‘Hey Siri’ to activate it. You can also manually activate Siri by placing your finger on the HomePod and leaving it there for a few seconds, it will then activate and you can then speak to it.

  • Hey Siri, turn on the lights
  • Hey Siri, turn off the lights
  • Hey Siri, dim the lights
  • Hey Siri, make all of the lights in the office maximum brightness
  • Hey Siri, are the lights in the office on?
  • Hey Siri, turn all of the lights in the office blue
  • Hey Siri, turn the Hue lightstrip purple

Siri Shortcuts

Read our article and how to guide on setting up Siri shortcuts for Hue here.

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  1. Susan Coles

    When I say “Hey Siri, Relax” after turning them on all I get is a response that “I’m already relaxed” Does nothing to the lights.


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