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Philips Announces App Redesign, ‘Hue Sync’ & Outdoor Bulbs


Following Monday’s news of Hue Entertainment and a collaboration with Razer, Philips have announced details of a new app redesign for their iOS official app.

Hue App 3.0

Details were limited but they announced they have taken feedback onboard from the Hue community and plans to update its iOS and Android apps to version 3.0, in Spring 2018.

“Early in Q2 2018, Philips Hue will introduce a redesigned Hue app for both iOS and Android. Based on comments, feedback and ideas from Philips Hue users, the redesign will enhance both existing and new features, to help consumers light their home smarter with even more ease. The new app will improve daily use, and ensure seamless setup and integration of Hue accessories and new Philips Hue Entertainment partnership integrations. The interface will also enable consumers to instantly access their last used scenes, and to simply group lights and select their desired color temperature or color.”

Check out this teaser video by Philips showing some of the features of the 3.0 App.

Hue Sync

Hue Sync will be an app for for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 device, and is expected again in Q2 2018. The Hue Sync app will let you create and customize your hue lights for games, movies, and music played on a Mac or Windows computer.

“Running in the background, Hue Sync will analyze anything displayed on your monitor in real-time and create light scripts to compliment your content. Philips has built algorithms that analyze the tempo and rhythm of your music to determine the track’s style, and adjust lighting accordingly. The intensity of these lighting effects can be adjusted by the user.”

Outdoor Bulbs

Another mention were outdoor bulbs, at the moment there are no dedicated outdoor bulbs for Hue, but Philips say they will introduce an outdoor line of Hue bulbs so that you can sync and control lighting in a garden. Details are extremely limited and no other information regarding the features, design or price point was given

outdoor hue bulbs

“This new line of products will let consumers get more out of their exterior lighting by allowing them to personalize their ambiance for any moment outside, whether simply relaxing with family or entertaining friends. It will also increase their peace of mind when arriving home or while away.”

Expect more information and announcements to be made later this year.

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  1. Mary Ann Boyle

    We are building a gazebo and would lie to use Hue light bulbs in them. We know that you are coming out with dedicated bulbs in the summer 2018, but can we just put in fixtures that will take you new Hue outdoor bulb? Any guidence would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Mary Ann Boyle


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