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Philips Hue Bridge Compatible LED Light Strips


Philips Hue Light strips are not the cheapest on the market and while there are lots of other LED strips available not all will work with Philips Hue, so in this article we look at the best online that you can purchase, save some money and that work well with Hue. 

The main benefit to using an alternative light strip to the Hue version is cost, Hue lights are expensive, however you can buy cheaper light strips that do work with Hue and the Hue bridge. The drawbacks are the limitations with how compatible they are, while they work with color and brightness settings, they won’t work with Hue entertainment zones. 

What light strips work with Hue bridge?

When buying a light strip you must ensure it comes with or you also buy the Mini Controller for it which is Zigbee compatible, this way it can be picked up and communicate with the Hue bridge allowing it to work with your Hue lights. 

Philips Hue Bridge Compatible LED Light Strips

We take a look at hue light strip alternatives that work with the Hue bridge. 

GLEDOPTO Zigbee LED Strip Light

The Gledopto lightstrip is a popular alternative to the official hue light strip, it is waterproof but importantly compatible with Philips Hue, Amazon Echo, SmartThings and has a remote.

GLEDOPTO Zigbee RGBCCT USB LED Strip Light 2M Smart Kit

    As this uses Zigbee it can be added just like a Hue light, plug it in and set it up, then via the Hue app go to Settings, Select “Light Setup” from the list of options > Tap “Add Light” and Hit “Search” at the bottom. It should then find your Gledopto lightstrip which you can then add and name.

    This is extremely similar to the Hue light strip, it is 2 metres in length, 16 Million Colors, warm white and cool white Light 2700~6500K and the brightness can be fully adjusted.

    GIDERWEL Smart LED Light Strip Plus

    This Hue alternative light strip works in a similar way, it is 2 metres long and has 180 LEDs along this, it comes with the strip, Zigbee Strip Controller, and power adaptor. It is full color and can be adjusted from Warm White to Cold White (3000K-6000K, the brightness can also be adjustment from 0% – 100%.

    GIDERWEL RGBWW LED Strip Lights 16.4ft

      As it uses Zigbee it works with other smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, and Smart things, as well as HomeKit Siri voice control via Philips Hue.

      Sylvania Smart+ Light Strip

      As with the other light strips, a compatible ZigBee hub is required to control these lights, this is why they work great with Philips Hue and the bridge. You can also pair your lights to a compatible ZigBee hub such as SmartThings or Amazon Echo Plus.

      The 2m strip is flexible, has over 16 million available colors and adjustable white color temperature ranging from 2700K 6500K. The light strip is advertised as suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so great for use on patios of along deckings outside.

      View this on Amazon here.

      With this it includes a power supply, Zigbee control module, and 16 foot flexible light strip. 

      Paulmann 500.81 LED Strip – 3m

      Another good and well built light strip, compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo Plus, Philips Hue Bridge 2 and Osram SMART+ this again is similar to the Hue light strip, however instead of 2 metres, this is 3 metres in length.

      Just like the Hue light strip it has a self-adhesive strip on the back to fix it in place, it can also be shortened as required by cutting it to in the set zones. This has a color temperature range of 2700K Warm white to 6500K Daylight white.

      Innr Flex Color – 2m and 4m Strips

      Innr have there own smart bulb range and light strips, however there lightstrips are cheaper than the Hue strips and are compatible, allowing you to purchase and use with your Hue system.

      There are 2 lengths you can purchase, a 2 meter strip and 4m, both can be cut in set zones to reduce the length, they re also compatible with Philips Hue 2nd gen Bridge, Samsung SmartThings, Echo 4th gen, Studio or Echo Show 10 and Homey. If you already have an Innr Bridge then of course these can be connected to this as well.

      This light strip is designed for indoor use only and has 120 LEDs along a 2m length. 

      View this on Amazon here.


      Questions about using alternative LED light strips with your Hue bridge and lights. 

      Do I need a Hue bridge?

      Yes, you need the 2nd Gen Philips Hue bridge for these to work, this is the square bridge with rounded corners. 

      Do these work with Hue Entertainment Areas?

      No, only the Philips Hue light strips are compatible with Hue Sync and Hue entertainment, however these are a great alternative if you are just looking to use them for lighting where you can set the color and brightness. 

      How do you add a Compatible Light Strip to Hue?

      Adding your light strip is just like adding a normal Hue light via the Hue app:

      1. Open the Hue app
      2. Go to ‘Settings’
      3. Select ‘Light set up’
      4. Tap ‘Add Light’
      5. Then press ‘Search’
      6. It should then find your light strip which can then be added

      Once found you can name the strip and add it. This can then be controlled like your other lights, however it cannot be used with Hue entertainment.

      My Lightstrip is not being found via the Hue app

      First make sure that your light strip supports Zigbee, is plugged in and has the controller set up correctly. If you still can’t connect your may need to reset the controller.

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