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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With The Philip’s Hue


Technology makes life easy. Sometimes it can be used to design exemplary products which may leave us wondering whether ewe are dreaming or facing reality. On perfect example of such a product is Philips Hue. Exceptionally made from LED, this product can help you do amazing things you have never imagined.


1. Controlling using Smartphone/tablet app. Unlike incandescent bulbs that are controlled by a physical switch, you can practically control Philips Hue by your Smartphone or tablet app. This will give you the rare opportunity to control the bulb wherever you are, at home or far away, at a friend’s house attending to a birthday party. Does it look like magic? Technology in action.

2. Saving energy and other costs. Hue bulb uses less power as compared to other fluorescent and tungsten bulbs, saving more than 40% of energy. With only 8.5Wof electrical power, your standard Philip Hue can emit 600 lumens of brightness. An incandescent bulb will use up to 60W to generate an equal level of brightness. Besides, it saves you on costs in the long run. Philip hue is long lasting as compared to ordinary bulbs. It last for 15000hrs as opposed to an incandescent bulb that last for only 1000 hours. That means that if you buy Philip hue, you will not have to buy any other bulb sooner for replacement because it will still be functioning.


3. Image recreation. The app allows you to recreate images through the connected bulbs. There are 10 presets involving different scenes like Sunset, Beach and Deep Sea. It is these scenes that come with pictures from which you will be able to recreate images on the lumps using the app. So amazing indeed. The scenes can be edited. Furthermore, the app allows you to import more pictures from the photos app.

4. Using the app to connect to the bridge through the internet. This is done after fixing the bulbs onto a bridge which can contain as many as 50 bulbs. The app enables you to see the bulbs that are connected to the bridge. You can therefore at the comfort of your bed, chair, and toilet or whatever you like sitting on while in the house, control each lamp.

5. Naming of bulbs. With Hue Philips, you have the freedom and the rare opportunity to rename your lumps using the app. This can simply be done by going to Settings, Then My Lights and give each any name you like. You may choose the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend. You can even give one lump the name of your ex or favorite pet. That’s upon you as long as you love the names. After all, naming won’t alter the functionality of the bulbs.

6. Controlling the intensity of lights. It’s amazing how you can change the intensity of Philip Hue depending on your mood. At least now we can be able to tell if your spouse has disappointed you upon observing the lights immediately we enter your house.’ Reading ‘emits a warm shade,’ Relax’-a warm soothing light and ‘Concentrate’ which sets brightness level to concentrate. There are also numerous Whites which can be chosen from its palette.

7. As an alarm to help you wake up. Philips Hue won’t make that irritating noise that has often made you switch of alarm. I am talking about the one you set on your own to help you wake up only to switch it off when it rings. With this lights, you simply fade in and out and the days you want the alarm to be active. When the time reaches, your room will shine so bright like the mid day sun. Of course you will wake up. Wont you? Good. It makes you create an improvised ‘sun’. You can use the Philips Hue Portal to view the current state of your bulb from any place in the world.

8. Turning off lights. With the help of geofencing technology, you can switch off the lights when you are vacating your room without necessarily removing your iOS device from your pocket. The device works by sensing paired device leaving or entering the room.


9. Using other compatible apps to enjoy amazing services. Apart from the Hue app, there are other applications that can work with the Philip Hue’s bridge. Ambify to put on light with music show being played and Goldee which allows you to take any picture you like. Others apps like Hue Disco, Quick Hue and Hue Remote will help you to enrich your experience.

10. Changing the bulbs depending on weather condition. With the aid of IFTTT technology, you can make your lights change on a rainy weather. It also provides an SMS capability where you can switch a bulb on and off.

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