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13 Cool Things to do with Philips Hue


With smart powered homes, Smart lighting is on the rise. The Phillips hue is an ever popular lighting system that has grabbed the attention of many of us. However instead of just using these Lights for general lighting there are many other cool things we can use these lights for in our homes.

The creators Phillips have made it possible for different developers to create different Applications that connect to the Hue. With these different Apps, many different features have been created hence allowing its Owners to have fun and enjoy the experience of owning Phillips Hue lights.

How to Use your Hue Lights

We are going to have a look at some ideas for the Phillip Hue. These ideas will incorporate the different Apps and services you can use with the Phillips Hue. They will improve how you listen to music, the ambiance of watching a film, creating great party vibes. These ideas will also introduce you to life saving applications. So pay attention and get ready to have fun and use your Phillips Hue in cool ways.

Hue Light Alerts

The Phillips Hue gives you access to 16 Million light options, so what better way to use them but to create alerts in the home. Alerts for what? Well when connected to a Smart Home Hub the Hue lights can be used to create signal alerts for different things.

The App IFTTT ( If This Then That) app, along with other automation systems can alert users that someone has come through a certain door or someone has entered a less monitored area such as the garage or conservatory.

To create this Alert you can integrate a Phillip Hue color changing light bulb with the specific Connect System and a Z – Wave Smart door controller to the the assigned door to be monitored.

So when some enters that door , a command can be sent to the living room. This is done by the command sending a signal to the connect system which will tell the Phillips hue Bulb in the living room to flash a certain color. That way you are able to track if someone is coming and going, catch the kids out of they miss their curfew and maybe an uninvited visitor.

Alerts can also be created without a Smart Home Hub. with the IFTTT app other alerts that can be set. One example of that is If it rains you can set up the hue lights to blink, by linking the app to the weather channel. No better way of know that its is time to take the washing in. it can even be set to match the severe weather warning, which nowadays is so important. So look around and find those cool alerts that will suit you and can in the meantime possibly save your life.

Flash your Lights when you get a Text Message

This is an impressive mod and a fun way to use Hue!

Flash your lights red like a warning light when you get a text message – Read the how to guide here.

Hue Feature Framing

Feature Framing is another cool way to use the Hue lighting system. You can use the lights to frame or highlight furniture like cabinets and shelves. You can get light strips that are LEDS which can be embedded or put in plastic tape and then attached to these different things for a dramatic effect.

Philips Hue Lightstrip vs. Plus

Many people use them in an concealed way so that the light just comes out from under things. For example around the bottom of coffee tables, on top of kitchen units ,under living room shelves, or even to highlight steps. You can use the application to create a soft glow of your preferred color. This innovation can jazz up your living space, give it an outer space feel or just prevent you from missing a step and tripping up.

Hue and TV Syncing

The Hue lights can make watching a movie or an exciting series very special, on the Appstore the Hue Camera App can use the devices camera to pick up colors from the TV and change the color of the Hue light to match the atmosphere.

You can imagine watching something like Blue Planet or the Film interstellar being literally out of the world. the Hue will certainly pick up Blues, Reds, pinks. Obviously like all things, you may need to do a little trail and error with the the app and the lights to get them to work exactly as you would like them , however once you reach the right setting then this will make such a great feature.

With Hue entertainment we hope that it will become easier to sync onscreen action with your Hue lights.

Celebrate your Team scoring

Flash your lights and start the celebration when your team scores or wins. Check out this set up where the celebrations take over the living room.

This video shows exactly what happens when there is a goal when watching NHL. This is a great set up and an epic celebration, once you have seen this you will be itching to get this set up yourself! Read more here.

Hue Disco

Android and Apple users can also sync their Phillip Hue Bulbs to Music. The Hue Disco uses the microphone feature of your phone to pick uo the sound of music and change s the colour of the lights to the beat of the music. With this app you are able to create your specific co,our scheme or downloand a pre prrogrammed one.

By adjusting the microphone sensitivity you can reduce the amount of interference that background noise creates. The intensity of light can also be changed to create different moods. These features are good for when it is Date Night, perfect for setting the mood. Or when it comes to party time it is a great party starter and with the ease of use with the disco app you can use the features to your liking.

Automatic Switch

The Phillips Hue app can turn your lights on and off for you when you arrive home or even when you are leaving. You can use the App setting “Routines” and then going onto “Home and Away”. If you enable the Location aware feature , then you can adjust it to turn on specific lights at specific times. The same with turning it off.

So if you wake up at a certain time, leave the house for work or want to come back home to a lit up house without worrying that electricity is being wasted then what a better way to do so. By using the Phillips hue inbuilt app the lights seem to act a bit more responsive.

As the article has shown, there are many ways of using the Phillips Hue lights for the home. So whether you are new to the smart lighting world or you have finally found time to use your lights in a more than general way, the hue lights will prove to be a great addition and also a feature that could put your home on the map, create the right party environment or most importantly even save lives. Be cool and try out these Cool Ideas for the Phillips Hue.

Wake up to the Sunrise

Use the Hue bulbs and set a routine so that you get a sunrise effect in the morning when you wake up. Have your bedside lamps light up getting warmer and brighter in the morning before your alarm clock sounds.

Hue sunrise alarm clock

This is great for helping you wake up in the morning feeling fresher and more awake making it easier to get up in the morning. It is also great for those winter months where it maybe dark still when you get up.

Replace all your lighting solutions

Philips offers you good answers to your home automation needs and what this means is the company has acquired a lot of information that has been key in supporting them to come up with inter-connected bulbs at a reasonable price.

What you get with this is smart bulbs that can be connected to a network to coordinate lighting at various locations across different times. You might adjust the settings to allow the lights to come on at particular times of the day, or you could let the system automatically detect changes in time to switch the lights on or off accordingly.

There are a huge range of different Hue smart bulbs that mean you can easily replace your bulbs around the home for Hue bulbs.

Enhance your theater experience using intelligent thematic lighting

If you would like to create a mini theater at home, you need to firstacquire a big screen. Getting the screen might be fulfilling at first, but there is still room for improvement to make it closer to a theater experience.

One of the options you have that work perfectly include adding lights, specifically the Lightstrip Plus, which has a stickable strip that offers multi-color LEDs that can be controlled from your smartphone.

And what’s the beauty of all this? The fact that you can set the color you want makes it more interesting to watch your favorite teams play as you can choose to have the color your team of choice uses. It even allows you to choose a deep dark red theme for horror films. Basically, the color choices you are offered are limitless (16 million).

Take advantage of the Hue Motion Sensor

The Philips Hue cannot be your best option if you have not included a Philips Motion Sensor. The sensor helps to add better technology for automation and it helps you to easily controlsome lights depending on motion. It can detect movement to turn lights on or off. The system is customizable, which translates to the benefit whereyou can have different lights at different times.

How to Use, Add & Setup a Hue Motion Sensor

One of the ideas you could try includes placing one of these sensors upstairs so it triggers lighting when somemovementis detected, probably in a case where someone is heading upstairs. At night, the system uses an intelligent formula that automatically dims the lights unless it detects some motion. The sensors ensure the sleep of everyone is not disturbed. It is one of the most interesting technologies as you don’t need to raise your finger to switch lights on; just move and the lights are turned on automatically.

Integrate remote access with Apple TV or an iPad

If you got your iPhone running iOS 10 or above, you can take advantage of its new apps that allow you to integrate home automation. The Philips Hue Bridge allows support for Apple’s HomeKit.

The result is thatyou can easily control the entire lighting system from you smartphone using the app. What’s more interesting is that this can be triggered remotely as all you need is set up your iPad or Apple TV to integrate with the Apple Home Hub app, whichis super simple to accomplish.

Trigger lighting intensity with the push of a button

You might be asking what would happen in case your phone was not on the ready to help you turn lighting on. Well, there is an alternative solution that you might find useful as well; the Hue Wireless Dimmer.

It includesa removable remote control that you mount on the wall that helps you control lights in your home. You could mount it anywhere you find ideal like next to the front door so when you return you simply tap on the button to switch lights on in your living area. To those who regularly host guests, the Dimmer might come as a perfect purchase as you can hand your guests the switch to allow them to easily control lights in the rooms they will be staying in.

Splash your area with exciting colors with the Hue Lamp

Your lighting systems don’t have to be static all the time. There is the Hue Go lamp that you can carry around to add some splash of color to your rooms as you like. The system comes with a rechargeable battery so you do not need to always have it plugged it to enjoy its usefulness.

Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp (Requires Hue Hub, Works with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant)

    It comes in handy especially where you regularly host get togethers and it is the perfect choice when you want to add some ambience to specific areas within your home; for example in your backyard barbecue. Most importantly, it is also a good nightlight that you can use to provide ambient lighting to your kids’ living space. All you need is to ensure it is charged up and you will definitely enjoy how practical it is.

    More colors and brighter lighting

    You could also upgrade your lighting to include additional colors and brighter light. The company recently came up with the Color Ambience bulb that offers brighter colors and with more rich colors. It gives you more light and you can pick the colors you love to highlight in your living space. In case you are looking for bulbs that can illuminate better than the ones you already have installed, here is one of the options you could embrace.

    Upgrade to the White or Color Ambience and replace the darker bulbs, which can be installed in the bedroom. Don’t just stick to traditional lighting options when you can revamp your experience with a better light system.

    Best ways to use Hue Lights

    If you have used any lighting equipment from Philips before, probably thought it was best suited for switching your bulbs off and on. But there is a lot more that you could accomplish with the lights to enhance your living experience.

    Those looking for automation solutions for their homes will particularly find Philips Hue useful as it comes with a number of accessories that are easy to assemble and relatively affordable as well as designed perfectly. Here are some ideas highlighting how you can get the most out of Philips Hue for your home.

    How have you used Hue in your home? Any creative ideas or ways we have missed? 

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